Undergraduate Research

research activityInterested in research or work experience?

Several undergraduates are engaged in research or employed as student assistants.  With a small faculty to student ratio, students have the chance to become part of world class research programs, participate in professional forums and conferences, and gain valuable experience.  CFAES and OARDC also offer funding to help support research.

Students may also opt to complete a set of requirements for the Research Distinction designation on their diploma.

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Laura Bricker, Plant Pathology major

  • Internship in the Summer Research Scholars Program, Corell University
  • Ohio State, Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, presenter
  • Ohio State, Fall Undergraduate Research Forum, presenter
  • Poster title : Development of a Strain-Specific Probe and Characterization of Two Virulence-Related Gene Promoter Sequences of Agrobacterium vitis (with Kameka Johnson, Desen Zheng and Thomas Burr, Cornell Univ.)


Elizabeth Roche, Plant Pathology major

  • Internship in P. Bonello's lab, Ohio State > More info
  • Outstanding Internship Award, Plant Pathology, 2014
  • Ohio State CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum, 2014, presenter
  • Ohio State, Fall Undergraduate Research Forum, 2013, presenter
  • Poster title: Effect of water stress on northern red oak constitutes defenses and resistance to Phytophthora cannamomi. Elizabeth Roche, Anna O. Conrad and Pierluigi Bonello.

Amanda Ferguson, Plant Pathology major

  • Undergraduate resaearch in Guo-Liang Wang's lab, Ohio State > More info
  • Fall Undergraduate Research Forum, 2013, presenter
  • Poster title: Identificaiton of Genes Controlling the ROS Response to PAMP Effecots Flg22 and Chintin Using Genomce-Wide Association Study.  Amanda Ferguson, Gautam Shirsekar, Houxiang Kang, Maria Bellizzi, Conner Haney and Guo-Liang Wang

Michael Falk, Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife major

  • Undergraduate and honors thesis research in P. Bonello's lab, where he worked with grad student David Showalter > Read more
  • Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, 4th place, Biological Science Division, 2014
  • Poster title: Amino Acids in Asian and North American Ash as a Component of Induced Resistance to the Emerald Ash Borer.

Undergraduate Research award2012 - Katherine Gambone was awarded 2nd place - Plant and Environmental Sciences category, CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum in May 2012.

Gambone is pictured with Sourav Chakraborty, post-doc and research mentor for the project, "Quantifying Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in Shoots of Drought-Stressed Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra) Infected with Diplodia pinea Using Amplex Red, a Fluorimetric Dye.  Co-authors: P. Bonello, Sourav Chakraborty, Amy Hill.

undergraduate research2011 - Far left, Amber Hofstetter won 2nd place in the Plant and Environmental Sciences category at the 8th Annual CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum for research, "Managing Gray Mold on Geraniums with Biological Fungicides." Her advisors are Thomas K. Mitchell and Dennis Lewandowski (photo, center).

Alifia Merchant (near left) presented her research, "Quantification of an Externally Applied Plant Hormone, Methyl Jasmonate, in Species of Ash Trees (Fraxinus Spp.).  Pierluigi Bonello (faculty advisor), Sourav Chakraborty, Justin Whitehill and Shane Whitacre are co-authors.

10/22/2010 - Alifia Merchant presented an undergraduate research poster at the 4th Annual Fall Undergraduate Research Day and Student Poster Forum on october 22 at the Ohio Union.  Over 90 students presented posters > More

Alifia, an Environmental Sciences major. presented the poster, "Quantitation of Methyl Jasmonate in Phloem Tissue of Ash Species (Franxinus spp.).  She worked with Pierluigi (Enrico) Bonello, Sourav Chakraborty, Justin Whitehill and Shane Whitacre.

Alifia also participated in the Summer Research Internships in Plant Pathology program.

kara riggsKara Riggs, Plant Health Management Honors graduate, was awarded first place in the Environmental and Plant Sciences category at 2010 CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum for her research, "Chemotaxis of Phytophthora Zoospores to Soybean Roots is Altered by RNAi Silencing of Isoflavone Biosynthesis," on April 14, 2010 in Columbus.

Riggs was also a participant in the 15th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, May 11, 2010 in Columbus.  View Riggs and other students > video