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29112011 - Wooster and Columbus students and staff toured the Columbus and Wooster departments.  There are over 30 students and summer employees on the Wooster and Columbus campuses each summer.

2011 Interns - Wooster Orientation

group photo

interns in WoosterFar kest: Camille Li-Marchetti (left) and Eric Billman look for corn diseases at the research farm in Wooster.


examining corn diseasesFar left: David Lee (left) and Dee Marty.  Above right: Eric, David and Matt Worth (far right)

.Above left: Pierce Paul led a discussion about corn diseases in the field.  Right photo, soybean pathologist Anne Dorrance (left) with Eric Billman, Matt Worth and Emily Boyd examine soybean diseases in the field.

lab toursLeft: students toured the Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center with Maria Elena Gonzalez and Asela Wijeratne.

Left: Our Wooster tour included visits to the USDA corn and soybean virus research labs led by Peg Redinbaugh and Lucy Stewart.  Far left, Chris Nacci in the Stewart lab.  Middle and far right photos: we visited with members of Chris Taylor's lab, including Phani Turlapati (middle photo, standing right), Brittany Nauth (far right).

Larry Madden and studentsOur day in Wooster ended with ice cream and refreshments.  Left, Larry Madden chats with the students.