General Ed & Intro Courses

Introductory coursesThe following courses are excellent ways to explore plant pathology:

PLNTPTH 2000 - Molds, Mushrooms, and Mankind (3 units)
Fungi have influenced human health, migration, and nutrition for thousands of years. This course studies fungal biology and the impact of fungi in society both historically and currently. GE Natural Science: Biological Science.  Spring semester.

PLNTPTH 2001 - Sick Plants and a Hungry World - Online course (2 units)
(201 or 201D Quarter)
Review of the interactions of plants with plant pathogens and the social, economic, and historic consequences for civilization. Entirely online course.  Autumn and Spring semesters.

PLNTPTH 3001 - General Plant Pathology Lecture (3 units)
(401 Quarter)
An introduction to plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and parasitic higher plants. Video-linked between Columbus and Wooster.  Prerequ: Intro or general biology course.  Autumn semester.

PLNTPTH 3002 - General Plant Pathology Lab (2 units)
(401 Quarter)
The lab portion of general plant pathology. Lab work will include experiments involving fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and parasitic higher plants. Taken concurrently with PLNTPTH 3001.  Video-linked to Wooster. Autumn semester.

PLNTPTH 3195 - Plant Health Science Forum (1 unit)
(395 Quarter)
A seminar series for those interested in plant health science. Students will meet with professional plant health managers and take field trips. Professional development issues also covered. Graded S/U.  May term.

PLNTPTH 4550 - Bioterrorism: An Overview (3 units)
(455 Quarter)
A broad awareness course on the bioterrorism threat to our food supply, crops, animals and public health, and bioterrorist organizations.  Prereq: Jr or Sr standing. Cross-listed in International Studies (INTSTDS).  Spring semester.

PLNTPTH 4597 - Societal Issues: Pesticides, Alternatives, and the Environment (3 units)
(597 Quarter)
Contemporary, cultural, and social issues related to pesticide use, genetic engineering and sustainable plant management.  Prereq: Jr or Sr standing. Not open to students with credit for PLNTPTH 597 (quarter version).  Contemporary Issues.  GE Cross-Disciplinary Seminar.  Autumn and Spring semesters.