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Undergrad Awards 2010-2011

4/11/2011 - Amber Hofstetter won 2nd place in the Plant and Environmental Sciences category at the 8th Annual CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum for research, "Managing Gray Mold on Geraniums with Biological Fungicides." Her advisors are Thomas K. Mitchell and Dennis Lewandowski.

Alifia Merchant (right) also presented her research, "Quantification of an Externally Applied Plant Hormone, Methyl Jasmonate, in Species of Ash Trees (Fraxinus Spp.). Pierluigi Bonello, Sourav Chakraborty, Justin Whitehill and Shane Whitacre are co-authors. The forum was held on the Columbus campus.

March 2011 - Congratulations to Edward Luersman, Plant Health Management freshman, selected for Alpha Zeta Partners, a professional agriculture and natural resources honorary organizaton.  As part of Class 13, Eddie will participate in leadership programs and a study abroad experience in Brazil.

Congratulations Autumn 2010 Dean's List, Plant Health Management majors

Timothy Frey   -   Amber Hoffstetter   -   Edward Luersman

2010 Scholarships and Recognition

5/25/2010 - Students from the Departments of Plant Pathology and Horticulture and Crop Science were honored at the Plant Science Recognition Dinner in Columbus.  Above left, Amber Hoffstetter (left) and Alyssa Roberts were honored from the Plant Health Management major.  Above right, Kara Riggs (standing left) was recognized by Tom Mitchell.  A full list of awards is below.

Amber Hoffstetter, Plant Health Management Honors student
Plant Protection Scholarship
A. J. Hoffmann Scholarship
Costa Rica Study Abroad
2010-2011 Garden Club of Ohio Scholarship
CFAES Outstanding Internship Award

Alyssa Roberts, Food Science and Plant Health Management double major
Plant Protection Scholarship

Timothy Frey, Plant Health Management Honors student
Plant Protection Scholarship
A. J. Hoffmann Scholarship

Jennifer Wiester, Plant Health Managment student
Graduating senior, Spring 2010
Internship at Ritchter International, a food quality testing laboratory, turned into full-time employment

Racheal Pack, Plant Health Management graduate
Winter 2010 graduate
4-year full scholarship through the Land Grant Opportunity Scholarship program

Kara Riggs, Plant Health Management Honors student, was awarded first place in the Environmental and Plant Sciences category at 2010 CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum for her research, "Chemotaxis of Phytophthora Zoospores to Soybean Roots is Altered by RNAi Silencing of Isoflavone Biosynthesis," on April 14, 2010 in Columbus.

Riggs was also a participant in the 15th Annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, May 11, 2010 in Columbus.
View Riggs and other students > video

Winter 2010 Dean's List, Plant Health Management majors:

Amber Hoffstetter  -  Racheal Pack  -  Kara Riggs

Autumn 2009 Dean's List, Plant Health Management majors:

Timothy Frey  -  Amber Hoffstetter  -  Kara Riggs -  Jennifer Wiester