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Undergraduate Programs

You may be wondering, “What is a plant pathologist, and what do they do?”
In short, plant pathologists study plant diseases and plant health, and develop disease management strategies. Here are some ways to explore . . .

1. Talk to scientists

Ask, "What do you do, and why is it important?"  Find out how we chose our careers - the answers may surprise you.  Inquire about job shadow opportunities.  We'll put you in touch with students, faculty and staff who love to share their passion! > Read more

2.  Take a course or attend a seminar

Many scientists were inspired by a course or seminar.  Check out general education or elective courses in plant pathology, entomology, plant sciences and agriculture.  None available at your school?  There are plenty of opportunities online.

> General Education and Introductory Courses (Ohio State)

Many seminars at universities are free and open to the public, and some can even be viewed online.  Check out department, university and other websites for events and seminars.  Plant Pathology seminars are free and held Mondays, 9:10 - 10:05 am (Spring semester) in Columbus and Wooster > View semiinar schedule

3. Find a part-time job or job shadow

There’s nothing like on-the-job training.  Employers include garden centers, nurseries, farms, landscape businesses, research laboratories and government agencies.  Many universities and businesses offer internships or part-time student jobs.  Offer to volunteer – the experience is invaluable, and it may open the door to paid employment.

4. Dig in!  Check out books and articles

Check out some books or articles online:

 If you're looking for inspiration, look up Norman Borlaug – the plant pathologist, agronomist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate whose groundbreaking achievements in the development of disease-resistant wheat varieties pioneered the Green Revolution > Norman Borlaug's Biography

5. Explore websites

♦ Science Careers (from the journal Science) >
♦ Ohio State – Master in Plant Health Management >
♦ Careers in Plant Pathology >

6.  Enjoy the journey

You may be unsure about your career path at this point, but that’s ok.  The choices are many, and the possibilities are endless.