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2015: Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Bold = Department of Plant Pathology

Acharya, B., Lee, S., Rouf Mian, M.A., Jun, T., McHale, L.K., Michel, A.P., and Dorrance, A.E.  "Identification and mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL) conferring resistance to Fusarium graminearum from soybean PI 567301B"  Theor. Appl. Genet  (2015)  128: 827 - 838. 

Altland, J.E., Zellner, W.L., Locke, J.C., Krause, C.R. 2015. Micronutrient availability from steel slag amendment in peatmoss substrates. HortScience. 50:1715-1720.

Anderson, K.F., Madden, L.V., and Paul, P.A.  "Fusarium head blight development and deoxynivalenol accumulation in wheat as influenced by post-anthesis moisture patterns"  Phytopathology  (2015)  105: 210 - 219. 

Arismendi, NL, Reyes, M, Miller, SA, Wijeratne, AJ and Carrillo, R  "Infection of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma ulmi’reduces the protein content and alters the activity of detoxifying enzymes in Amplicephalus curtulus"  Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata  (2015)  157: 334 - 345.

Asselin,Jo,Ann E; Lin,Jinshan; Perez-Quintero,Alvaro,L; Gentzel,Irene; Majerczak,Doris; Opiyo,Stephen,O; Zhao,Wanying; Paek,Seung-Mann; Kim,Min,Gab; Coplin,David,L; Blakeslee,Joshua,J; Mackey,David  "Perturbation of Maize Phenylpropanoid Metabolism by an AvrE Family Type III Effector from Pantoea stewartii"  PLANT PHYSIOLOGY  (2015)  167(3): 1117 - 1135. 

Bansal,Raman; Mittapelly,Priyanka; Cassone,Bryan,J; Mamidala,Praveen; Redinbaugh,Margaret,G; Michel, Andy.  "Recommended Reference Genes for Quantitative PCR Analysis in Soybean Have Variable Stabilities during Diverse Biotic Stresses"  PLOS ONE  (2015)  10(8): e0134890

Baysal-Gurel, F, Li, R, Ling, KS and Miller, SA  "First report of Tomato chlorotic spot virus infecting tomates in Ohio"  Plant Disease  (2015)  99: 193.

Benzle K, Finer KR, Marty D, McHale LK, Goodner BW, Taylor CG, Finer  "Isolation and characterization of novel Agrobactrium strains for soybean and sunflower transformation"  Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture: Journal of Plant Biotechnology  (2015)  121: 71 - 81.

Bluck, G.M., Lindsey, L.E., Dorrance, A.E., Metzger, J.D.  "Soybean yield response to Rhizobia inoculant, gypsum, manganese fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide"  Agron J.  (2015)  107: 1757 - 1765.

Cassone, B. J., Redinbaugh, M., Dorrance, A.E., and Michel, A.  "Shifts in Buchnera aphidicola density in soybean aphids (Aphis glycines) feeding on virus-infected soybean"  Insect Molec. Biol.  (2015)  24: 422 - 431.

Chai,Maofeng; Bellizzi,Maria; Wan,Caixia; Cui,Zhifang; Li,Yebo; Wang,Guo-Liang  "The NAC transcription factor OsSWN1 regulates secondary cell wall development in Oryza sativa"  JOURNAL OF PLANT BIOLOGY  (2015)  58(1): 44 - 51.

Chen,Y; Redinbaugh,M,G; Michel,A,P  "Molecular interactions and immune responses between Maize fine streak virus and the leafhopper vector Graminella nigrifrons through differential expression and RNA interference"  INSECT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY  (2015)  24(3): 391 - 401.

Chewachong, GM, Miller, SA, Ellis, MA, Blakeslee, JJ, Francis,DM,  Morris, TJ, and Qu, F  "Generation of an attenuated, cross-protective Pepino mosaic virus Variant through alignment-guided mutagenesis of the viral capsid protein"  Phytopathology  (2015)  105(1): 126 - 134.

Debenport, S.J., Assigbetse, K., Bayala, R., Capuis-Lardy, L., Dick, R.P., and B.B. McSpadden Gardener  "Association of shfting populations in the root zone microbiome of millet with enhanced crop poductivity in the sahel region (Africa)"  Applied and Environmental Microbiology  (2015)  81: 2841 - 2851.

Ding,Bo; Wang,Guo-Liang  "Chromatin versus pathogens: the function of epigenetics in plant immunity"  FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE  (2015)  6: 675

Edwards, MC, Weiland, JJ, Todd, J, Stewart, LR  "Infectious Maize rayado fino virus from cloned cDNA"  Phytopathology  (2015)  105(6): 833 - 839.

Elmore, MH, McGary, KL, Wisecaver, JH, Slot, JC, Geiser, DM, Sink, S, O'Donnell, K, Rokas, A. "Clustering of two genes putatively involved in cyanate detoxification evolved recently and independently in multiple fungallineages. Genome Biology and Evolution 7 (3): 789–800."Genome Biology and Evolution. Vol. 7, no. 3. (Feb2015): 789-800. (4.53)

Esseili, MA, Chin, A, Saif, L, Miller, SA, Qu, F, Ivey, MLL, Wang, Q  "Postharvest Survival of Porcine Sapovirus, a Human Norovirus Surrogate, on Phytopathogen-Infected Leafy Greens"  JOURNAL OF FOOD PROTECTION  (2015)  78(8): 1472 - 1480.

Flores, F., Marek, S., Anderson, J., Mitchell, T., and N. Walker  "Infection and colonization of several bermudagrasses by Ophiosphaerella korrae"  Phytopathology  (2015)  105(5): 656 - 661.

Gluck-Thaler, E, Slot, JC. "Dimensions of Horizontal Gene Transfer in Eukaryotic Microbial Pathogens." PLOS Pathogens. Vol. 11, no. 10. (Oct 2015): 1-7. (7.56).

Hu, X., Edwards, S., Madden, L.V., and Xu, X.  "Combining models is more likely to give better predictions than single models."  Phytopathology  (2015)  105: 1174 - 1182.

Kang, S-H, Qu, F, and Morris, TJ  "A spectrum of HRT-dependent hypersensitive responses elicited by the 52 amino acid N-terminus of turnip crinkle virus capsid protein and its mutants"  Virus Research  (2015)  200: 30 - 34.

Kang, S.-H., Qu, F., and Morris, T.J.  "A nuclear fraction of turnip crinkle virus capsid protein is important for elicitation of the host resistance response"  Virus Res  (2015)  210: 264 - 270.

Lamini, S, Cornelius, EW, Nutsugah, NS, Aseidu-Coffie, S, Miller, SA and Gilbertson, RL  "Molecular identification of bacteria spot of tomato incited by Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria, from fields in the Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and the Upper East regions of Ghana"  Int. J. Res. Agric. Sci.  (2015)  2: 103 - 107.

Lee S, Freewalt KR, McHale LK, Song Q, Jun T-H, Michel AP, Dorrance AE, Mian MAR  "A high resolution genetic linkage map of soybean based on 357 recombinant inbred lines genotyped with BARCSoySNP6K"  Molec. Breeding  (2015)  35(2): 58

Li, R, Baysal-Gurel, F, Abdo, Z, Miller, SA and Ling, K-S  "Evaluation of disinfectants to prevent mechanical transmission of viruses and a viroid in greenhouse tomato production"  Virology Journal  (2015)  12: 5 - .

Li Y, Ye Z, Nie Y, Zhang J, Wang GL, Wang Z.  "Data set from the phosphoproteomic analysis of Magnaporthe oryzae-responsive proteins in susceptible and resistant rice cultivars"  Data Brief  (2015)  27(3): 7 - 11.

Li,Yunfeng; Ye,Zhijian; Nie,Yanfang; Zhang,Jian; Wang,Guo-Liang; Wang,Zhenzhong  "Comparative phosphoproteome analysis of Magnaporthe oryzae-responsive proteins in susceptible and resistant rice cultivars"  JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS  (2015)  115: 66 - 80. 

Lieurance D, Chakraborty S, Whitehead SR, Powell J, Bonello P, Bowers MD, and Cipollini D  "The search for novel weapons and their association with herbivore resistance in native and non-native Lonicera species"  Journal of Chemical Ecology  (2015)  41: 1069 - 1079.

Liu,Jinling; Park,Chan,Ho; He,Feng; Nagano,Minoru; Wang,Mo; Bellizzi,Maria; Zhang,Kai; Zeng,Xiaoshan; Liu,Wende; Ning,Yuese; Kawano,Yoji; Wang,Guo-Liang  "The RhoGAP SPIN6 Associates with SPL11 and OsRac1 and Negatively Regulates Programmed Cell Death and Innate Immunity in Rice"  PLOS PATHOGENS  (2015)  11(2): e1004629 - .

Madden, L.V., Shah, D.A., and Esker, P.D.  "Does the P value have a future in plant pathology?"  Phytopathology  (2015)  105: 1400 - 1407.

Mahuku, G, Lockhart, BE, Wanjala, B, Jones, MW, Kimunye, JN, Stewart, LR, Cassone, BJ, Seygan, S, Johnson, N, Kusia, E, Kumar, L, Niblett, CL, Wangai, A, Kiggundu, A, Asea, G, Pappu, H, Prasanna, BM, Redinbaugh, MG  "Maize lethal necrosis (MLN), an emerging threat to maize-based food security in sub-Saharan Africa"  Phytopathology  (2015)  105(7): 956 - 965. 

Mallowa, S. O., Esker, P. D., Paul, P. A., Bradley, C. A., Chapara, V. R., Conley, S. P. and Robertson, A. E.  "Effect of maize hybrid and foliar fungicides on yield under low foliar disease severity conditions."  Phytopathology  (2015)  105: 1080 - 1089. 

Miao,Hong-Qin; Di,Dian-Ping; Zhang,Ai-Hong; Lu,Yin-Gui; Tian,Lan-Zhi; Stewart, Lucy R; Redinbaugh, Margaret G  "Efficient inoculation of Rice black-streaked dwarf virus to maize using Laodelphax striatellus Fallen"  Journal of Phytopathology  (2015)  163(7-8): 529 - 535. 

Miller, SA, Baysal-Gurel, F and Mera, JR  "Evaluation of fungicides and production methods for the control of downy mildew and Phytophthora fruit rot of cucumber, 2014"  Plant Disease Management Reports  (2015)  9: V054 - .

Miller, SA, Baysal-Gurel, F and Mera, JR  "Monitoring Pseudoperonospora cubensis sensitivity to fungicides, 2014"  Plant Disease Management Reports  (2015)  9: V051 - .

Mishra, S., Heckathorn, S., Krause, C.R. 2015. The levels of boron-uptake proteins in roots are correlated with tolerance to boron stress in barley. Crop Science. 55:1741-1748.

Moreira, E. N., Vale, F. X. R., Paul, P. A., Rodrigues, F. A., and Jesus Junior, W. C.  "Temporal dynamics of soybean rust associated with leaf area index in soybean cultivars of different maturity groups."  Plant Dis.  (2015)  99(2): 1216 - 1226. 

Ning,Yuese; Shi,Xuetao; Wang,Ruyi; Fan,Jiangbo; Park,Chan,Ho; Zhang,Chongyang; Zhang,Ting; Ouyang,Xinhao; Li,Shigui; Wang,Guo-Liang  "OsELF3-2, an Ortholog of Arabidopsis ELF3, Interacts with the E3 Ligase APIP6 and Negatively Regulates Immunity against Magnaporthe oryzae in Rice"  MOLECULAR PLANT  (2015)  8(11): 1679 - 1682. 

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Rigsby CM, Showalter DN, Herms DA, Koch JL, Bonello P, Cipollini DF  "Physiological responses of emerald ash borer larvae to feeding on different ash species reveals putative resistance mechanisms and insect counter-adaptations"  Journal of Insect Physiology  (2015)  78: 47 - 54.

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Shenge, KC, Whong, C,MZ, Yakubu, LL, Omolehin, RA, Erbaugh, JM; Miller, SA, and LeJeune,JT  "Microbial Contamination of Tomatoes with Coliforms and Escherichia coli on Farms and in Markets of Northwest Nigeria"  JOURNAL OF FOOD PROTECTION  (2015)  78(1): 57 - 64. 

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Subedi, N, Testen, AL, Baysal-Gurel, F, and Miller, SA  "First report of black leaf mold of tomato caused by Pseudocercospora fuligena in Ohio"  Plant Disease  (2015)  99(2): 285 - .

Testen, AL, Baysal-Gurel, F,  Mamiro, DP and Miller, SA  "First report of tomato big bud caused by a 16SrII-C phytoplasma in Tanzania"  Plant Disease  (2015)  99: 1854 - .

Testen, AL, Jackson, N, Mamiro, DP and Miller, SA  "First report of tomato pith necrosis caused by Pseudomonas cichorii in Tanzania"  Plant Disease  (2015)  99: 1035 - . 

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Willyerd, K.T., Bradley, C.A., Chapara, V., Conley, S.P., Esker, P.D., Madden, L.V., Wise, K.A., and Paul, P.A.  "Revisiting fungicide-based management guidelines for leaf blotch diseases in soft red winter wheat."  Plant Disease  (2015)  99: 1434 - 1444.

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