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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Plant Growth Facilities

Greenhouses and growth chambers are available in Columbus and Wooster.

Right: phytotron facility in Selby Hall, Wooster includes 16 Conviron growth chambers (610 sq. ft.) with online monitoring capabilities, an insect transfer room, fixed and mobile mist benches, and a central chiller system.

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Wooster: Selby Greenhouse and Growth Chambers
Wooster contact: Lee Wilson (

Selby Greenhouse Growth Chamber Usage Fees (pdf)

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Columbus: Kottman Greenhouse and Growth Chambers
Columbus contact:  Isaac Knowles (

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Submit request > Columbus - Kottman Hall Growth Chamber


Working on Permitted Pathogens, Insect Vectors, Nematodes, Human Pathogens and Recombinant Microorganisms in Selby Hall, APHIS Facility 234 - updated March 2018 (pdf)

M. L. Lewis Ivey and M. Redinbaugh