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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Multi-Disciplinary Collaborations

USDA ARS Corn, Soybean and Wheat Quality Research Unit
USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists located at OARDC - Wooster investigate issues pertaining to corn, soybean and wheat production.  USDA-ARS plant pathologists, located in Selby Hall, focus on virus diseases, virus vectors and related areas.

Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center
This OARDC facility, housed in Selby Hall, Wooster, has core microscopy, genomics and molecular biology equipment and facilities.

Center for Applied Plant Sciences
CAPS supports interdisciplinary scientific teams that span the continuum between basic research and practical solutions to challenges in four main strategic areas: Photosynthesis and Carbon Fixation, Biomass and Bioproducts, Crop Improvement and Functional Foods, and Plant-Microbe Interactions.  CAPS also administers the Translational Plant Sciences Graduate Program

Life Sciences Network at Ohio State
This network is a research-centered resource that draws together researchers and graduate programs from across 12 colleges and schools at Ohio State.

Agronomic Crops Team
The Agronomic Crops Team is a multi-disciplinary group of Extension agents, state specialists and researchers from OSU Extension, Ohio State and OARDC.  The team publishes a weekly newsletter  that provides timely information on agronomic crops to over 2,500 subscribers (

Ohio Plant Diagnostic Network (OPDN)
The OPDN facilitates the protection of Ohio’s plant-based agricultural and natural plant systems through a multi-institutional consortium including Ohio State's C. Wayne Ellett Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic and the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA), co-located in the ODA Plant Health Diagnostic Laboratory in Reynoldsburg.

Extension Nursery, Landscape and Turf Team
ENLTT includes Extension specialists and educators from across Ohio.  Timely information is disseminated through the Buckeye Yard and Garden onLine (  Team members provide educational workshops and presentations through the state.

Ohio Plant Biotechnology Consortium (OPBC)
OPBC is a statewide initiative that brings together approximately 70 scientists from 11 Ohio universities to foster collaboration on issues important to Ohio agriculture.  OPBC hosts an annual research retreat and sponsors a Competitive Research Grants Program, administered by the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC).

Environmental Science Graduate Program
The Environmental Science Graduate Program is a multi-disciplinary program comprised of faculty from several departments and colleges across Ohio State.. The program's goal is the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of environmental science. The program emphasizes basic research on ecological processes and effects, and applied research and teaching towards environmental issues.

Food Animal Health Research Program (FAHRP)
FAHRP is a multi-institutional collaboration of scientists focused on emerging pathogens, zoonoses, and microbial contamination of food and the environment threaten agricultural productivity, sustainability, and public health worldwide.  FAHRP is based at OARDC-Wooster.

Organic Food and Farm Education and Research (OFFER)
OFFER includes researchers, farmers and other stakeholders.  Research is focused on development of production and marketing strategies for transitional and certified organic grains, vegetables and fruit.  Fundamental research is also conducted on the interactions between soil quality, weed ecology, microbial ecology, crop quality, and plant productivity.  Brian McSpadden Gardener (Plant Pathology) is the director of OFFER.

Ohio Composting and Manure Management Program (OCAMM)
OCAMM includes an interdisciplinary OARDC group that focuses on the microbial ecology and engineering of the composting process to improve systems for handling plant and animal wastes in an environmentally sound manner.  Areas include composting, microbial ecology, biological processes and bioremediation.  The facilities at OARDC - Wooster include building equipment for pilot-scale composting of a wide range of feedstocks.