PHARM Student Club

We host social and educational events and engage in service activities for Plant Pathology and Plant Health Management majors, minors, and anyone interested in plants.  PHARM is a registered student organization at Ohio State.

Examine the Famine:
Secrets of foodborne illness

An Interactive Meal

April 4, 2018

Blackburn Victory Room (residence hall), Ohio State campus

Time: 6:30 pm


- President - Katherine Wolfe (
- Vice-President and CFAES Student Council representative - Margaret Moodispaw (
- Treasurer - Charis Ramsing (
- CFAES Student Council President: Monica Pennewitt (


- Monica Lewandowski (

The purpose of this organization is to:

  • To promote social relationships among students majoring in plant health management, plant pathology, related agricultural/environmental majors and others interested in plants
  • Bring students in to closer contact with faculty and administration as well as professionals in their respective industries
  • Allow interested students to explore potential careers and new technologies in the agricultural, landscape, turfgrass and ornamental industries in these respective areas
  • Increase the members' interest in the study of relevant issues to their respective majors and industries by providing seminars, community service events, discussions and field trips to the aforementioned related subjects
  • Create, organize, and successfully carry out a large scale interactive event (“Examine the Famine”) which will teach students across campus about important plant health issues tied to global food security