Name Title Office Contact Information
Benitez Ponce, M. Soledad Assistant professor, Phytobacteriology Selby Hall (Wooster) benitezponce.1@osu.edu
Bonello, Pierluigi (Enrico) Professor, Molecular and Chemical Ecology of Trees. Plant Pathology 483C Kottman Hall, Columbus bonello.2@osu.edu
Dorrance, Anne Professor, Associate Dean and Director, Wooster Campus Research Services Building, Wooster dorrance.1@osu.edu
Hand, Francesca Associate Professor, Ornamental Pathology 475C Kottman Hall, Columbus hand.81@osu.edu
(614) 292-1293
Ivey, Melanie Associate Professor, Fruit Pathology and Fresh Produce Safety 224 Selby, Wooster ivey.14@osu.edu
330-263-3849 (office); 330-465-0309 (cell)
Jacobs, Jonathan Assistant Professor, Emerging Infectious Diseases Discovery Theme, bacteriology, plant-microbe interactions, international agriculture 477B Kottman Hall, Columbus jacobs.1080@osu.edu
Lewandowski, Monica Assistant Professor Clinical Professional Practice, Teaching and Outreach, Undergraduate advisor 246A Kottman Hall, Columbus lewandowski.52@osu.edu
(614) 247-6876
Madden, Laurence (Larry) Distinguished Professor in Plant Protection. Epidemiology, Statistics, Biomathematics. Associate Chair 106 Selby Hall, Wooster madden.1@osu.edu
(330) 263-3839
Miller, Sally Distinguished Professor of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences in Plant Pathology 227 Selby Hall, Wooster miller.769@osu.edu
Office: (330) 263-3678 | Mobile: (330) 466-5249
Mitchell, Thomas Professor and Chair. Fungal Biology, Molecular Genetics. Undergraduate Advisor 481B Kottman Hall, Columbus mitchell.815@osu.edu
(614) 292-1728
Paul, Pierce Professor. Cereal Pathology, Epidemiology 115 Selby Hall, Wooster paul.661@osu.edu
(330) 263-3842
Qu, Feng Professor. Molecular Plant Virology, Plant Resistance 024 Selby Hall, Wooster qu.28@osu.edu
(330) 263-3835
Roth, Mitchell Assistant Professor, Molecular Mycology, Oomycete Biology, and Molecular Plant-Pathogen Interactions Selby Hall, Wooster roth.741@osu.edu
Slot, Jason Associate Professor, Fungal Evolutionary Genomics. Graduate Studies Chair. 481C Kottman Hall, Columbus slot.1@osu.edu
Taylor, Christopher Associate Professor. Molecular Genetics, Nematology 210 Selby Hall, Wooster taylor.1886@osu.edu
(330) 263-3847
Wang, Guo-Liang Professor and OSU Distinguished Scholar, Molecular Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions and Plant Immunity 483B Kottman Hall, Columbus wang.620@osu.edu
(614) 292-9280
Xia, Ye Associate Professor, Biochemistry of Plant Pathogenesis and Immunity 477C Kottman Hall, Columbus xia.374@osu.edu