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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology



Name Title Office Contact Information
Benitez Ponce, M. Soledad Assistant Professor, Phytobacteriology Selby Hall (Wooster)
Bonello, Pierluigi (Enrico) Professor, Molecular and Chemical Ecology of Trees. Plant Pathology 483C Kottman Hall, Columbus
Dorrance, Anne Professor Research Services Building, Wooster
Hand, Francesca Associate Professor, Ornamental Pathology 475C Kottman Hall, Columbus
(614) 292-1293
Ivey, Melanie Associate Professor, Fruit Pathology and Fresh Produce Safety 224 Selby, Wooster
330-263-3849 (office); 330-465-0309 (cell)
Jacobs, Jonathan Assistant Professor, Emerging Infectious Diseases Discovery Theme, bacteriology, plant-microbe interactions, international agriculture 477B Kottman Hall, Columbus
Lewandowski, Monica Assistant Professor Clinical Professional Practice, Teaching and Outreach, Undergraduate advisor 246A Kottman Hall, Columbus
(614) 247-6876
Lopez-Nicora, Horacio Assistant Professor and Provost's Early Career Scholar, Soybean Pathology and Nematology Kottman Hall, Columbus
Miller, Sally Distinguished Professor of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences in Plant Pathology 227 Selby Hall, Wooster
Office: (330) 263-3678 | Mobile: (330) 466-5249
Mitchell, Thomas Professor and Chair. Fungal Biology, Molecular Genetics. Undergraduate Advisor 481B Kottman Hall, Columbus
(614) 292-1728
Paul, Pierce Professor and Associate Chair. Cereal Pathology, Epidemiology 115 Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 263-3842
Qu, Feng Professor. Molecular Plant Virology, Plant Resistance 024 Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 263-3835
Roth, Mitchell Assistant Professor, Molecular Mycology, Oomycete Biology, and Molecular Plant-Pathogen Interactions Selby Hall, Wooster
Slot, Jason Associate Professor, Fungal Evolutionary Genomics. Mycology Minor Advisor 481C Kottman Hall, Columbus
Taylor, Christopher Associate Professor. Molecular Genetics, Nematology 210 Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 263-3847
Wang, Guo-Liang Professor and OSU Distinguished Scholar, Molecular Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions and Plant Immunity 483B Kottman Hall, Columbus
(614) 292-9280
Xia, Ye Associate Professor, Biochemistry of Plant Pathogenesis and Immunity 477C Kottman Hall, Columbus