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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Department Staff

Name Title Office Contact Information
Beckrum, Veronique (Niqui) Fiscal Officer 2 201D Kottman Hall, Columbus
(614) 292-1375
Bellizzi, Maria Research Associate 2-B/H (Wang, Jacobs)
Han, Junping Research Assistant 1-B/H (Qu Lab) 26 Selby Hall, Wooster
Hicks, Todd Program Coordinator (Turfgrass Pathology Program) 110 Kottman Hall, Columbus
(614) 778-9172
Jones, Lori Office Administrative Associate 107 Selby Hall, Wooster
Kelly, Michael Greenhouse Coordinator 141A Kottman Hall, Columbus
Miller, Therese Research Assistant 2-B/H (Ivey) 202 Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 263-2859
Nanes, Angela Research Assistant 2-B/H 238 Selby Hall, Wooster
Powell, Ramona Admin Assoc 2; Human Resources 201B Kottman Hall, Columbus
(614) 292-3518
Ralston, (Timothy) Zak Research Assistant 1 (Niblack lab) Kottman 248, Columbus
Rimelspach, Joe Program Specialist (Extension, Turfgrass Pathology) 248B Kottman Hall, Columbus
Office (614) 292-9283; Cell (614) 778-9170
Rotondo, Francesca Research Associate 2-B/H (Miller Lab) Selby Hall, Wooster
Taylor, Leslie Research Associate 1 (Taylor Lab) Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 263-2854
Williams, Sarah Course instructor, Plant Pathology Agricultural Administration 100
Wilson, Lee Research Associate 1 (Ellis and Madden) Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 202-3555, ext. 2865