Associated Faculty

Name Title Office Contact Information
Bisaro, David Courtesy Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics 201 Rightmire Hall, Columbus
(614) 292-3281
Chatfield, James Courtesy Associate Professor and Extension Specialist 203 Administration- OARDC, Wooster
(330) 263-3831
Krause, Charles Adjunct Associate Professor, USDA/ARS 204 Agricultural Engineering Building, Wooster
(330) 263-3676
Mackey, David Courtesy Associate Professor, Dept of Horticulture & Crop Science 306C Kottman Hall, Columbus
(614) 292-5879
McSpadden Gardener, Brian Adjunct Professor
Meulia, Tea Adjunct Associate Professor, Plant Pathology, and Director, Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center Director 25 Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 263-3836
Redinbaugh, Margaret (Peg) Research Leader and Research Plant Molecular Geneticist USDA/ARS 026 Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 263-3965
Stewart, Lucy USDA ARS Research Molecular Biologist and Adjunct Associate Professor 023 Selby Hall, Wooster
(330) 263-3834
Verma, Deshpal Courtesy Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics 240 Rightmire Hall, Columbus
(614) 292-3625