Online Courses

The following online courses below are offered to the general public.  They are currently non-credit.

We offer online courses that explore plant diseases both historical and scientific perspectives.

The courses can be done on your own computer, at your own pace.

The content is not heavily technical but rich in information about plant diseases.

Fruit Diseases of the Midwest ($50)

This is a self-paced, online course (10 weeks). > COURSE UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

A word from the instructor... WATCH HERE!

Now an iTunesU course! Find out more here!





Introduction to Plant Diagnostics for Master Gardeners: Approaches to Plant Pest Diagnosis (eXtension)

online diagnostics courseThis is a self-paced, online module set. Fee: $10.





Sick Plants and a Hungry World (non-credit option, $35)

Irish potato famineWhat happened to the mighty American Chestnut?
Why did the Romans make sacrifices to Robigus, the god of wheat rust?
What diseases threaten our world today?

Topics range from basic concepts and history of plant pathology to famine issues, bioterrorism and more.