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Sunday Alumni Social


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Several current and former students and department members are the APS Centennial Meeting.  Left photo, l to r, Clara Zumpetta, Sawsan Elateek and Mike Ellis.  Right photo, Harry Hoitink (left) and Weidong Chen (Washington State).


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Above left: Randy Rowe (left) and Bill Turechek (USDA ARS Fort Pierce, Florida); middle photo, Curt Colburn (now at Clemson), and right photo, The Jim Chatfield (OSU Extension Center at Wooster).


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Above left, Jim Starr from Texas A&M (2008 CFAES Distinguished Alumnus) and Peg Redinbaugh at the signing table.  Right photo, l to r: Kylea Odenbach, Angel Rebollar Alviter (Universidad Autonoma Chapingo) and Mike Boehm.


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Left photo, l to r, Lydia Rivera Vargas (University of Puerto Rico), Alissa Kriss and Sarah Ellis.  Right photo, l to r, Larry Madden, Joe Laforest (blue shirt), Bridget Meiring (red shirt), Bill Turecheck and Curt Colburn (signing the artwork).


nilceu AS 2450 dennis

Above left: Nilceu De Nazareno (IAPAR, Brazil) and Madge Graham.  Right photo, Dennis Lewandowski signs the art.



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Left photo, Muzuho Nita (left), currently at Kansas State, and Emily Helliwell (Penn State).  Middle photo, Rosa Raudales (left) and Grant Austin.  Right photo, a happy bunch.


rebecca martyn

Above left, Rebecca Creamer, former post-doc with Roy Gingery, now at New Mexico State.  Right, APS President Ray Martyn signing our commemorative artwork.


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alumni social1 clarissa scott

Above left, several of our current students.  Middle, Clarissa Maroon-Lango (USDA Plant Germplasm Quarantine Program, Md.).  Right photo, Scott Adkins (USDA ARS Fort Pierce).