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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


2011 American Phytopathological Society

American Phytopathological Society Annual Meeting

Aug. 6-10, 2011 Honolulu, Hawaii

Ohio State Plant Pathology - Awards and Presentations

Hehe Wang - recipient of the 2011 APS Foundation Raymond G. Grogan Student Travel Award > More information

Alissa B. Kriss and Daniel J. Anco - invited speakers to the 11th I. E. Melhus Graduate Student Symposium: Today's Students Making a Difference in Plant Disease Epidemiology and Disease Management

Climate, weather, and the heterogeneity of Fusarium head blight
ALISSA B. KRISS, L. V. Madden, P. A. Paul, X. Xu

Effects of temperature and wetness duration on the sporulation rate of Phomopsis viticola on infected grape canes.  DANIEL J. ANCO, L. V. Madden, M. A. Ellis

Posters and Presentations

(Presenter names capitalized; department names in bold)

Mapping partial resistance to Pythium irregulare in the soybean accession PI 424354
MARGARET L. ELLIS, P. A. Paul, S. K. St. Martin, A. E. Dorrance

Variation in copy number, expression, and sequence of Avr1a/avr1a among populations of the oomycete plant pathogen, Phytophthora sojae
DAMITHA WICKRAMASINGHE, S. Stewart, A. Robertson, A. Dorrance

Mapping partial resistance to Fusarium graminearum in 'Conrad' soybean
MARGARET L. ELLIS, H. Wang, P. A. Paul, A. E. Dorrance

Responses of maize (Zea mays L.) near isogenic lines carrying Wsm1, Wsm2 and Wsm3 to three viruses in the Potyviridae

Identification of quantitative trait loci conferring partial resistance to Phytophthora sojae in soybean PI 427106
SUNGWOO LEE, M. Mian, H. Wang, L. McHale, C. Sneller, A. Dorrance

Refined empirical models for predicting Fusarium head blight epidemics in the United States
A. SPARKS, D. Shah, E. De Wolf, L. Madden, P. Paul, K. Willyerd

Mapping soybean QTL conferring resistance to Phytophthora sojae through different phenotypic methods and assessment of their contribution to yield
HEHE WANG, S. K. St. Martin, A. E. Dorrance

Comparison of genes underlying two QTL conferring partial resistance to Phytophthora sojae from resistant and susceptible soybean genotypes
HEHE WANG, A. Wijeratne, S. Wijeratne, S. K. St. Martin, A. E. Dorrance

Perception by growers and consultants of the importance of corn diseases
P. ESKER, C. Bradley, Pierce Paul, A. Robertson

Does one size fit all for delivering corn disease-related information?
P. ESKER, C. Bradley, Pierce Paul, A. Robertson

Effect of fungicide seed treatments and cultivars on Pythium damping-off and root rot of edamame soybean
F. Baysal-Gurel, J. Mera, S. A. MILLER

Efficacy of pre-flag leaf emergence foliar fungicide application for Stagonospora nodorum blotch management in soft red winter wheat
K. T. Willyerd, C. Bradley, S. Conley, P. Esker, L. Madden, K. Wise, PIERCE PAUL

RevIsiting flag leaf-based foliar fungicide application thresholds for Stagonospora nodorum blotch management in soft red winter wheat
K. T. Willyerd, C. Bradley, S. Conley, P. Esker, L. Madden, K. Wise, PIERCE PAUL

Optimization of Maize fine streak virus (MFSV) protein expression in Drosophila S2 cells

Antagonist Cryptococcus flavescens OH 182.9 3C colonization of wheat heads when applied with triazole fungicides and the effect on scab
D. A. SCHISLER, P. A. Paul, M. J. Boehm, C. A. Bradley, C. A. Dunlap

Characterization of the fungal community in the tomato phyllosphere
Spencer Debenport, E. van der Knaap, BRIAN MCSPADDEN GARDENER

APS works for you
M. ELLIOTT, K. Schneider, E. Honeycutt, R. Brlansky, A. Kriss, N. Donofrio, J. Liu, T. Durham, K. Ong, M. Grabowski, B. Christ, J. Leach, G. Franc

Marker-assisted selection improves the efficiency of bioprospecting and results in the recovery of novel biocontrol bacteria
J. Park, S. Lee, J. Lee, S. Han, J. Kim, Y. Kim, BRIAN MCSPADDEN GARDENER

Colonization of tomato seedlings by bioluminescent Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis under different humidity regimes
XIULAN XU, G. Rajashekara, P. A. Paul, S. A. Miller

Alteration of host gene silencing during root-knot nematode infection
ELLIE K. WALSH, C. G. Taylor.

Management of Phytophthora capsici and potential human foodborne pathogens in irrigation water

Development of a multivariate matrix to trace Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis through tomato greenhouse operations
MELANIE L. LEWIS IVEY, S. A. Miller, F. Baysal-Gurel, X. Xu, M. E. Bledsoe.

Linkage analysis of soybean Phytophthora root rot resistance loci on chromosome 13
A. GUNADI, A. Roberts, A. Dorrance, S. Berry

Effects of green manures on nematode population densities in an organic tomato field
S. L. MEYER, K. L. Everts, B. B. McSpadden Gardener

Session: IPM/Biocontrol/Plant Disease Management - IPM Program for Vegetable Crops in the Tropics and Opportunities for IPM Graduates

Opportunities for graduates of IPM and related areas in international agriculture
SALLY A. MILLER, presenter

Session: IPM/Biocontrol/Plant Disease Management - Laboratory Methods for Detecting and Characterizing Fungicide Resistance

Sampling for detecting fungicide resistance
LARRY V. MADDEN. presenter