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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Miller courses

Co-instructor (with Sally Miller)

(Plnt Pth 615) Fruit and Vegetable Crop Diseases (U  G  3 cr)
Major diseases of fruit and vegetable crops with emphasis on etiology, epidemiology and management.  Wi quarter.  Prerequ: Plant Path 401 or equiv.  Not open to students with credit for 615.01.  Offered every other year (last offered Winter 2009).


Participate in the team-taught course

(Plnt Pth 603) Plant Disease Management (U  G  5 cr)


Theory and practice of plant disease management; emphasis on integration of cultural, biological, chemical, and plant breeding techniques.  Sp quarter.  Prerequ: Plant Path 401, and Sr. standing in agronomy, horticulture, plant health management, or entomology; or permission of the instructor.  GEC course.  Contact: L. Madden (


Participate in the team-taught course

(Plnt Pth 685) Diagnostic Field Plant Pathology (U  G  3 cr)
Study of traditional and modern diagnostic procedures for diagnosis of plant diseases; study of plant diseases in crop production systems.  Ten-day course offered in Wooster every other summer (last offered Summer 2009).  Prerequ: Plant Path 401 or 615, and permission of instructor.  Contact: S. Miller (