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Undergraduate News (click for more)

The undergraduate program continues to grow, with 20 Plant Pathology majors and 5 Plant Health Management majors (Autumn 2016 enrollment).

Undergraduate plant pathology students at hosted an outreach event to raise awareness about plant diseases on February 9, 2016. The event, Examine the Famine: Plant Disease Threats to Global Food Security, featured a panel of speakers who discussed historical and present-day stories and examples.  Mynul Islam, Ferdous-e Elahi, Larry Madden, Sally Miller and Thomas K. Mitchell served as panel speakers.  Event coordinators included students Kristi Walker, Derrick Freshcorn, Charis Ramsing, Katherine Wolfe and Chad Kramer.  Monica Lewandowski and Sarah Williams serve as the organization's advisors.

PHARM also organized an industry tour this past autumn, visiting Legacy Farmers Cooperative and a greenhouse producer.  These experiences expose students to career options and help them connect classroom learning with the real world.   

Work experience and summer internships on both the Columbus and Wooster campuses (photo below) continue to provide valuable experiences that often influence their career directions.  We have several students who are interested in internships, undergraduate research, job shadowing and other career opportunities > More info

If you are willing to host tours or job shadowing opportunities for undergraduate/graduate students, please contact Monica Lewandowski, or (614) 247-6876.