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Undergraduate students

The undergraduate program has an enthusiastic group of students, with 17 Plant Pathology majors and 7 Plant Health Management majors. An exciting development for 2016 is a university-wide event hosted by the undergraduate student organization to introduce the campus community and general public about plant diseases and impacts on global food production.  The event will be Feb. 9, at the Drake Union on the Ohio State Columbus campus, 5 pm. (Contact, Kristi Walker, Plant Health and Resource Management (PHARM) student organization president:

We continue to expand our efforts to reach a diverse audience. Thomas Mitchell teaches Molds, Mushrooms, and Mankind, a general education course geared for non-majors.  Over 50 students each spring explore the impacts of fungi on society in this course.

We offer work experience and summer internships on both the Columbus and Wooster campuses (photo below).  We have several students who are interested in internships, undergraduate research, job shadowing and other career opportunities > More info.  If you have opportunities or are willing to host tours for undergraduate/graduate students, please contact Monica Lewandowski, or (614) 247-6876.

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