Graham Lab

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Graham Lab

Left to right: Madge Graham, Barry Weber, Mike Kelly (standing back), Michelle Sinden and Terry Graham.


jiye cheng

Jiye Cheng (right) with advisor Terry Graham.  Cheng was the 2010 recipient of the C. C. Allison award in recognition of outstanding research accomplishments and service to the department.  Jiye is developing novel applications for metabolomics and bioinformatics in plant systems.  His investigations include metabolome-wide responses of soybean plants to elicitors, effectors and hypersensitive cell death mimics that induce disease resistance in soybean, and the use of induced metabolomics for the discovery new pharmaceutical compounds.


Kara Riggs graduated in June 2010 with a BS Agriculture, Plant Health Management.  Read about Kara Riggs and her undergraduate research:

Spotlight > Undergraduate Research Office


Pumpkin Cat

Pumpkin carving, Halloween 2009



Michelle Sinden's farewell party, 2009


June 2009, left to right: Kara Riggs, Katy Garrett Michelle Sinden, Terry Graham and Jiye Cheng.


Jiye Cheng

Jiye Cheng


Kara Riggs and Terry Graham, 2008