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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Theses and Dissertations

Theses and dissertations 2006-present.

Sherwood, Patrick W.
2014 PhD Plant Pathology. Advisor: P. Bonello

Acharya, Bhupendra
2014 MS Plant Pathology. Advisor: A.E. Dorrance

Balk, Christine
2014 MS Plant Pathology. Advisor: A.E. Dorrance

Marty, DeeMarie
2014 MS Plant Pathology. Advisor: C.G. Taylor

Nauth, Brittany
2014 MS Plant Pathology. Advisor: C.G. Taylor

Salgado Moncada, Jorge David
2014 PhD Plant Pathology. Modeling the effects of fusarium head blight on wheat grain yield and quality and developing cost-effective strategies for minimizing losses. Advisors: P.A. Paul and L.V. Madden.

Andersen, Kelsey
2013 MS Plant Pathology. Influence of rainfall patterns on the development of Fusarium head blight, accumulation of deoxynivalenol and fungicide efficacy. Advisor: P.A. Paul

Chin, Ashlina
2013 MS Plant Pathology. Evaluation of the retention of human-pathogenic Caliciviruses on leafy greens weakened by phytopathogens. Advisor: F. Qu

D'Angelo, Daisy
2013 MS Plant Pathology. Effects of fungicide chemistry and application timing on Fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol in soft red winter wheat. Advisor: P.A. Paul

Chewachong, Godwill
2013 PhD Plant Pathology. Engineering plant virus "vaccines" using Pepino Mosaid Virus as a model. Advisor: F. Qu

Shirsekar, Gautam
2013 PhD Plant Pathology. Ubiquitination in innate immunity of rice (Oryza sativa). Advisor: G-L Wang

Chen, Chenxi
2013 PhD Plant Pathology. Analysis of the molecular basis of virulence in pathogenic fungi.  Advisor: T. K. Mitchell

Rong, Xiaoqing
2013 PhD Plant Pathology. Genomic analysis, population quantification and diversity characterization of Cryptococcus flavescens. Advisor: B. Mcspadden Gardener.

Hu, Jinnan
2013 PhD Plant Pathology. Advisor: T. K. Mitchell

Cisneros Delgadillo (Carter), Fiorella
2013 PhD Plant Pathology.  Maize fine streak virus (MFSV) gene expression and protein interaction. Advisors: M. Redinbaugh and F. Qu.

Songkumarn, Pattavipha
2013 PhD Plant Pathology. Identification and characterization of in-planta expressed secreted effector proteins from Magnaporthe oryzae. Advisor: G-L Wang.

Gunadi, Andika
2012 MS Plant Pathology. Characterization of Rps8 and Rps3 resistance genes to phytophthora sojae through genetic fine mapping and physical mapping of soybean chromosome 13. Advisor: A. Dorrance

Cao, Chunxue
2012 MS Plant Pathology. Characterization of management and environment effects on cultivated tomatoes. Advisor: B. McSpadden Gardener

Cepeda, Maria Veronica
2012 MS Plant Pathology.  Effects of microbial inoculants on biocontrol and plant growth promotion . Advisor: B. McSpadden Gardener

Singh, Jasleen
2012 MS Plant Pathology.  Characterization of self-interaction of Arabidopsis thaliana double stranded RNA binding protein 4.  Advisor: F. Qu.

Francis, Bridget
2012 MS Plant Pathology.  Non-thesis MS.  Advisor: T. Mitchell.

Pack, Racheal A.
2012 MS Plant Pathology.  Non-thesis MS.  Advisor: T. Graham

Wallhead, Matthew
2012 MS Plant Pathology
Foliar fungicide effects on gray leaf spot and yield of hybrid corn as influenced by application timing, hybrid characteristics and production practices. Advisor: P.A. Paul

Anco, Daniel J.
2011 PhD Plant Pathology
Epidemiological Studies of the Sporulation Potential and Environmental Factors Affecting Sporulation of Phomopsis viticola on Infected Grapevines. Advisors: M. Ellis and L. Madden

Ellis, Margaret L.
2011 PhD Plant Pathology
Soybean seedling disease complex: Pythium spp. and Fusarium graminearum and their management and host resistance.  Advisors: A. Dorrance and P. Paul

Ivey, Melanie L. L.
2011 PhD Plant Pathology
Assessing microbial risks and management strategies in vegetables. Advisor: S.A.  Miller

Kriss, Alissa B.
2011 PhD Plant Pathology
The Role of Environmental, Temporal, and Spatial Scale on the Heterogeneity of Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat.  Advisors: L. Madden and P. Paul

Park, Chan Ho
2011 PhD Plant Pathology
The role of ubiquitination in the interaction between rice and Magnaporthe oryzae.  Advisor: G-L Wang

Wang, Hehe
2011 PhD Plant Pathology
Identification and dissection of soybean QTL conferring resistance to Phytophthora sojae. Advisor: A. Dorrance

Cheng, Jiye
2011 PhD Plant Pathology
Development of metabolomics strategies for novel natural product discovery and its application on the study of soybean defense responses.  Advisor: T. Graham.

Whitehill, Justin
2011 PhD Plant Pathology
Investigations into mechanisms of ash resistance to the Emerald Ash Borer.  Advisor: P. Bonello

Burbano Figueroa, Oscar
2011 MS Plant Pathology.  Functional Characterization of Magnaporthe oryzae Effectors in the Infective Process of Rice. Advisor: T. Mitchell

Gearhart, Kate
2011 MS Plant Pathology
Soybean diseases associated with reduced yields in southern Ohio.  Non-thesis MS.  Advisor: Anne Dorrance

Xu, Xiulan
2010 PhD Plant Pathology
Transmission of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis from seed to seedling and development strategies to control the pathogen in seed.  Advisor: S. A. Miller

Elateek, Sawsan Youssef
2010 PhD Plant Pathology
Molecular and biochemical genetic studies on some leafhopper-transmitted plant pathogens.  Advisor: S. A. Miller

Woltjen, Christine D.
2010 MS Plant Pathology
Responding to industry needs from the field to the greenhouse: Dieback and cankers of Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis and characterization of an Ohio isolate of Melon necrotic spot virus and its vector, Olpidium bornovanus, collected from Cucumis sativus.  Advisor: D. Lewandowski

De La Torre Cuba, Carola
2010  MS Plant Pathology
Molecular characterization, differential movement and construciton of infectious cDNA colones of an Ohio isolate of Hosta virus X.  Advisor: D. Lewandowski

Fown, Aaron
2010 MS Plant Pathology
Non-thesis master's degree.  Advisor: D. Coplin.

Li, Cunyu
2010 MS Plant Pathology
The effects of fungicides and cultivar resistance on associations among Fusarium head blight, deoxyvalenol, and fungal colonization of wheat grain.  Advisor: P. Paul

Zhang, Zhifen
2010 MS Plant Pathology
Mapping multiple novel race-specific resistance genes for Phytophthora sojae in soybean PI 408211B.  Advisor: Anne Dorrance

Nagle, Annemarie M.
2009 MS Plant Pathology
Ecological and chemical aspects of white oak decline and sudden oak death, two sundromes associated with Phytophthora spp.  Advisor: P. Bonello.

Odenbach, Kylea J.
2009 MS Plant Pathology
Epidemiology and variability of disease and deoxynivalenol in Fusarium head blight of wheat in Ohio.  Advisor: P. Paul

Ortega, Maria Andrea
2009 MS Plant Pathology
Identification of molecular markers associated with the Rps8 locus in soybean and evaluation of microsporogenesis in Rps8/rps8 heterozygous lines.  Advisor: Anne Dorrance

Weber, Barry
2009 MS Plant Pathology
Non-thesis master's degree.  Advisor: L. Rhodes

Koenig, John L.
2009 MS Plant Pathology
Timing of fungicide applications for the management of dollar spot.  Advisor: M. Boehm.

Subedi, Nagendra
2009 MS Plant Pathology
Use of biorational products for the control of diseases in high tunnel tomatoes and induction of certain defense genes in tomato by Trichoderma hamatum 382.  Advisor: S. Miller.

Kleczewski, Nathan M.
2009 PhD Plant Pathology
Nutrient and drought effects on biomass allocation, phytochemistry, and ectomycorrhizae of birch.  Advisor: P. Bonello.

Broders, Kirk D.
2008 PhD Plant Pathology
Seed and seedling disease of corn and soybean in Ohio: the role of Fusarium graminearum, Pythium species diversity, fungicide sensitivity, Pythium community composition, and soil properties in disease severity.  Advisor: Anne Dorrance

Cruz, Christian
2008 MS Plant Pathology
Impact of foliar diseases on soybean in Ohio: Frogeye leaf spot and Septoria brown spot .  Advisor: Anne Dorrance

Benitez, Maria Soledad
2008 PhD Plant Pathology
Applied T-RFLP analyses for the identification and characterization of microbial populations associated with damping-off incidence in a transient organic cropping system.  Advisor: B. McSpadden Gardener

Raudales, Rosa
2008 MS Plant Pathology
Studies in biocontrol: enumeration, characterization and screening of Rhizobia.  Advisor: B. McSpadden Gardener

Vega Sanchez, Miguel E.
2008 PhD  Plant Pathology
The E3 ligase SPL11 regulates both programmed cell death and flowering time in rice. Advisor: G. Wang

Palumbo, Rose
2008  PhD Plant Pathology
Target Region Amplification Polymorphism (TRAP) analysis of Pelargonium.  Advisor: G. Wang.

Wallis, Christopher
2007  PhD  Plant Pathology
Understanding the roles of phenolics and terpenoids in pine defense against fungal pathogens.  Advisor: P. Bonello.

Song, Jing
2007  PhD  Plant Pathology.
Functional characterization of extracellular protease inhibitors of Phytophthora spp. and their targets tomato proteases.  Advisor: S. Kamoun.

Bos, Jorunn Indra Berit
2007   PhD   Plant Pathology
Function, structure and evolution of the RXLR effector Avr3a of Phytophthora infestans.  Advisor: S. Kamoun.

Briar, Shabeg Singh
2007  PhD  Plant Pathology
Nematodes as bioindicators of soil food web health in agroecosystems: a critical analysis.  Advisors: P. Grewal and S. Miller.

Niver, Amy Lee
2007  MS  Plant Pathology
Effects of fungicides on dollar spot, caused by Sclerotinia homoeocarpa.  Advisor: M. Boehm.

Alviter, Angel Rebollar
2006  PhD  Plant Pathology
Efficacy and physical mode of action of fungicides against Leather rot of strawberry and sensitivity of Phytophthora cactorum isolates to azoxystrobin.  Advisor: M. Ellis.

Saeb, Amr Tag El-Din
2006  PhD  Plant Pathology
Phylogenetic and population genetic studies on some insect and plant associated nematodes.  Advisor: P. Grewal.

Briceno-Montero, Emilia G.
2006  MS  Plant Pathology
Evaluation of biorational control options of bacterial spot and speck of tomato .  Advisor: S. Miller.

Jantasuriyarat, Chatchawan
2006  PhD  Plant Pathology
Identification and characterization of genes involved in the interaction between rice and rice blast fungus, Magnaporthe grisea.  Advisor: G. Wang.

Mideros Mora, Santiago Xavier
2006  MS  Plant Pathology
Study of incomplete resistance to Phytophthora sojae in soybean.  Advisor: A. Dorrance.

Nava Diaz, Cristian
2006  PhD  Plant Pathology
Role of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in integrated disease management and productivity of tomato.  Advisor: S. Miller.