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Plant Pathology

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Student Development

We value the importance of  "whole student" development and career exploration.  This can include building leadership and communication skills, teaching and outreach, project management, discussions and negotiations, mentoring, and even activities outside of the field of study. Opportunities to expand your student experience are listed below; and more opportunities can be added.

Involvement in organizations

- Serving on University Senate Committees (Dr. Bonello is a good contact)

Leadership - formal training

Courses and leadership training can provide an understanding theories of leadership, and strategies and concepts to augment leadership and involvement activities.  There are several course offerings at Ohio State, including courses in the CFAES Department of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership (ACEL). 

  • Strategic and Program Planning for Visionary Change (ACEL 7230)
  • Documenting Change through Evaluation and Accountability (ACEL 7700)
  • Leading Through Historical Perspectives (ACEL 8000)

Graduate School - Programs

Teaching Endorsements

  • Complete a set of trainings related to teaching, mentoring and communications
  • Completed Teaching Endorsements are posted to your transcript
  • Examples include Inclusive Teaching, Meaningful Inquiry, and Digital Media and Composition (more endorsement topics are available).  You can also take individual workshops and training courses

Mentored Teaching and Mentored Extension Outreach

PLNTPTH 8901 (Mentored Teaching in Plant Pathology) and PLNTPTH 8902 (Mentored Extension/Outreach Teaching in Plant Pathology) are designed to provide professional classroom and extension/outreach teaching opportunities, respectively. Students that successfully complete these courses will have their teaching experience documented on their transcripts.  Talk with your advisor and plant pathology faculty if interested.

Minors and Certificate Programs

Earn a Graduate Minor or a University-approved certificate in an area.  Examples include Statistical Data Analysis (more applied), or a minor in Statistics (more theoretical).  There are also Gradute Minors in Entomology, and Soil Science.

Professional societies

Many opportunities for graduate student involvement

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Study Abroad

  • CFAES Global Education (some are undergraduate-level, but contact your advisor and the program organizers for more info).  There are expenses associated with Global Education study abroad that are generally the student's responsibility.


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