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2012 Grad News

American Phytopathological Society, North Central Division - Grad Student Awards
June 13-15, 2012 - Wooster, Ohio

Above: Oral presentations, awardees from Ohio State, 2nd place tie, Godwill Chewachong (center) and Ellie Walsh (third from right). Far right, Anne Dorrance.

Poster Awards

Above: Poster presentations, awardees from Ohio State, 3rd place, Anna Conrad (third from left); 2nd place, Andika Gunadi, second from left).

Above: Travel awardees from Ohio State: Anna Conrad and Patrick Sherwood.

American Phytopathological Society, North Central Division, June 13-15, 2012, Wooster, Ohio
Godwill Chewachong and Ellie Walsh, 2nd place (tie), Graduate Student Oral Competition (upper left photo)
Andika Gunadi, 2nd place and Anna Conrad, 3rd place, Graduate Student Poster Competition (upper right photo)
Anna Conrad and Patrick Sherwood, Graduate Student Travel Awards

Ohio Soybean Council Foundation Graduate Scholarship)
Brittany Nauth, $5000 (MS student, C. Taylor, advisor)
Dee Marty, $2500 (MS student, C. Taylor, advisor)

OARDC Annual Conference, April 2012, Wooster, Ohio
Jinnan Hu, Graduate Student Poster competition, 2nd place, Genomic characterization of the conditionally dispensable chromosome in Alternaria arborescens provides evidence for horizontal gene transfer.  Thomas Mitchell, advisor. >  News release

Award 2012

2012 C. C. Allison Awards

Left photo: Jorge David Salgado (center) with advisor Pierce Paul (left) and Larry Madden. Right photo: Jinnan Hu (left) with advisor Thomas K. Mitchell.  The C. C. Allison award recognizes excellence in research and service