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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology

MS/PhD in Plant Pathology & a Professional Science Master in Plant Health Management (MPHM and MPHM-Online). Photos: K Chamberlain & M Lewandowski


Nationally Recognized as a Top Tier Program

The National Research Council places Ohio State among the top 3-5 Plant Pathology doctoral programs in the U.S., based on regression and survey methods that generated ranges of rankings (2010, revised in 2011).

Notably, Ohio State's Ph.D. Graduate Program ranked highly in the following key areas:

♦ Research (publications, grants) > Explore Faculty Research Areas
Student Support and Outcomes (funding, job placement)
Student Activities (including availability of student orientation and training, travel funds and extensive university resources)

Plant Pathology and Entomology jointly offer a Professional Science Master's degree
> Master in Plant Health Management

GraphsThe NRC evaluated Plant Pathology among a group of 116 Plant Sciences doctoral programs.  For our own comparison, we generated graphs of plant pathology programs that illustrates our top tier ranking (by our broad definition to include departments with plant pathology faculty).

View > pdf file of graphs (Regression (R) and Survey (S) ranges)

Visit the NRC web site for details on the NRC assessment of research doctoral programs