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"By 2030, the world's population will be 8.3 billion people and we must produce 50% more food than we do now to feed them . . . In addition to that, we must increase the availability of water by 30%.  We also lose 30% of crops through pests and diseases yet cannot resort to pesticides because of the impact they have upon the environment.  It's the perfect storm."

John Beddington, U.K. chief scientific adviser, interview with Science Careers

Employment in Agriculture documentAgriculture graduates are in high demand

> Employment in agriculture, food and environmental sectors (USDA report)

No Limits to the Value of an Agriculture Degree

No limits to the value of an agriculture degreeVery low unemployment rates.  Shortage of college graduates to fill need.  No stronger sector for recruiting.  Read more about "College majors that are invaluable"

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