WCU South Korea

World Class UniversitySince 2009, Brian McSpadden Gardener has collaborated with South Korean scientists at Chonnam National University (CNU) in the development of technologies related to biological control of plant diseases as part of a World Class University (WCU)-funded program.

McSpadden Gardener's research involves developing new sampling strategies to improve the efficiency of bioprospecting, assisting with the testing of new agents, and genomic sequence analyses.

He has worked in residence as a Visiting Professor and WCU Scholar in Gwangju, South Korea, for a total of 8 months from 2009-2011.   He also supervised graduate students and training visits of three other Korean research scholars from CNU and Korea University.

In addition to the research, McSpadden Gardener taught a graduate-level courses on biocontrol of plant diseases and bioststatistics at CNU. These courses were conducted both in person and via web videolink between OSU and CNU. The WCU grant is funded by the Korean National Research Foundation (wcu-becc.chonnam.ac.kr/).