Plant Disease Epidemiology: US and United Kingdom

Larry Madden collaborates with leading epidemiologists in a number of cutting-edge areas of research, including:

  1. Quantification of the spatial component of plant disease epidemics, development of new indices of spatial patterns, and effects of spatial aggregation on disease development, sampling, and prediction, with Gareth Hughes of University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and Xiangming Xu of Malling Research (East Malling, UK);
  2. Development of risk assessment models for the decision making in plant disease epidemiology and management, with Neil McRoberts of Scottish Agricultural College (Edinburgh, Scotland; now with University of California, Davis), and Gareth Hughes of University of Edinburgh;
  3. Theoretical assessment of pathogen transmission characteristics and virus-vector and virus-plant interactions on the epidemics of plant diseases, with Mike Jeger of Imperial College (London, UK) and Frank van den Bosch of Rothamsted Research (Harpenden, UK);
  4. Determination of the basic reproduction number for heterogeneous and complex plant disease epidemics, with Frank van den Bosch and Mike Jeger.

Recent Publications with international collaborators

Li, B., Madden, L.V., and Xu, X.-M.  2012. An alternative SADIE local clustering index for studying spatial patterns. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3: 368-377. doi: 10.1111/j.2041-210X.2011.00165.x

Kriss, A.B., Paul, P.A., Xu, X., Nicholson, P., Doohan, F.M., Hornok, L., Rietini, A., Edwards, S.G., and Madden, L.V. 2012. Quantification of the relationship between the environment and Fusarium head blight, Fusarium pathogen density, and mycotoxins in winter wheat in Europe. European Journal of Plant Pathology 133: 975-993. doi: 10.1007/s10658-012-9968-6.