International Programs in Africa

SenegalNSF PIRE Project on Rhizosphere Biology in the Sahel Region – Senegal

In 2011, McSpadden Gardener began working with Richard Dick (School of Environment and Natural Resources at OSU) on an NSF-funded project examining the contributions of rhizosphere microorganisms to productivity enhancements provided to millet by a co-cultivated perennial shrub in the Sahel region of Senegal.

As part of that project, McSpadden Gardener is supervising a graduate student (right) who is conducting research in Senegal.  He will also co-teach a short-course in tropical microbial ecology focusing on methods and data analysis during the summer of 2012.  > More info

Africa Food Security Initiative

Miller and Erbaugh cooperate on two USAID projects in Senegal and Uganda focusing on disease and pest management in tomatoes and rice, and enhancing plant diagnostic capacity in these two countries.  One student from Makerere University (Uganda) was trained in a sandwich MS program under the supervision of Qu and Miller; another student from the University of Dakar (Senegal) was trained at the University of California Davis in a similar program, advised by Bob Gilbertson and Miller.  Redinbaugh cooperates on rice virus identification and management in this project.

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Faculty Exchange Program

The Department of Plant Pathology worked with OSU’s Office of International Programs in Agriculture to conduct faculty exchange program funded by USDA FAS in 2007 and 2008.  The purpose was to develop graduate and undergraduate curricula related to sanitary/phytosanitary (SPS) issues in trade of agricultural and horticultural crops, including specialized courses in plant disease diagnosis and management.  Five faculty members of crop protection departments in Ghana (two), Senegal, Swaziland and Nigeria collaborated with members of our department (S. Miller, M. Ellis, M. Boehm, S. Williams) during their stays at OSU; new collaborations were generated after the exchange programs were completed with Nigeria (Hort CRSP), Senegal (AFSI) and Ghana (IPM CRSP).