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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Field and Woodland Fungi


2 credits, 7-week course. This course is labeled a hybrid by OSU. Students will watch 2 one-hour videos online weekly.  There will be seven required 4-hour in person hands-on experiences in the lab (3 weeks) and the field (4 weeks). Lab/field sessions meet at Kottman Hall. Transportation will be provided to local field locations and return at specified times.

Mushrooms and other macroscopic fungi are major features of forest, rural, and urban landscapes, yet few people are able to identify them. This is important because while many mushrooms are used as food, some can cause illness and death from their consumption, and are of interest/concern for many other economic and ecological reasons. This course will give general and technical knowledge on the identification and ecology of macrofungi of Ohio. The course will involve hands-on experience in the field and lab and will include recorded lectures/interviews by OSU faculty and guest mycologists, along with technical instruction by highly skilled amateur mycologists.

Prerequ: BIOL 1113 or 1114; or permission of instructor.

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Autumn 2022
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