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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Molds, Mushrooms, and Mankind

Fungi have influenced human health, migration, and nutrition for thousands of years. This course studies fungal biology and the impact of fungi in society both historically and currently. Sp Sem. GE nat sci bio course.

Course Goals

  • Understand the impact fungi have on mankind in both a contemporary and historical context
  • Explain the basic tenants of fungal biology, physiology and genetics
  • Describe both the positive and negative impact fungi have on humans
  • Identify the most commonly found fungi in the environment
  • Describe the features common to the major phyla in the fungal kingdom
  • Appreciate the diversity of fungi and their ecological niches in the environment

Topic List

  • Fungal biology, physiology, and genetics
  • History of fungi and man
  • Fungal classification
  • Fungal pathogenesis of plants and animals
  • Symbiotic, commensal, and mutualistic fungi
  • Industrial uses of fungi
  • Fungal / insect symbiosis
  • Fungal toxins, poisons, and hallucinogens
Course Level: 
Semesters Offered: 
Spring 2023
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In Person
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