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Spring 2016 Courses

Course  number Course Title (linked to course webpages) Credits Component Distance Day - Time; Location Instructor
PLNTPTH 2000 Molds, Mushrooms, and Mankind 3 Lecture   MoWeFr 11:30AM - 12:25PM; Cunz Hall 140 Thomas K. Mitchell
PLNTPTH 2001 Sick Plants and a Hungry World 2 Online, self-paced Online   Sarah Williams
PLNTPTH 4191 Internship Experiences in Plant Health Management 1-6     To be arranged.  For Plant Pathology and Plant Health Management majors M. Lewandowski
PLNTPTH 4550 Bioterrorism: An Overview 3 Lecture   MoWe 5:30PM - 7:00PM, Pomerene Hall 208 M. Boehm
PLNTPTH 4597 Societal Issues: Pesticides, Alternatives, and the Environment 3 Lecture   WeFr 2:20PM - 3:40PM, University Hall 090  
PLNTPTH 5010 Phytobacteriology 2 Lecture Videolink Session 1
TuTh 4:00PM - 6:00PM; Kottman 447 (Columbus) and Selby 213 (Wooster)
M. J. Vaughan
PLNTPTH 5020 Introductory Plant Virology 2 Lecture Videolink Session 2
WeFr 9:10AM - 11:15AM; Kottman 447 (Columbus) and Selby 213 (Wooster)
F. Qu
PLNTPTH 5030 Plant Nematology 2 Lecture Videolink Session 1
WeFr 9:10AM - 11:15AM; Kottman 447 (Columbus) and Selby 213 (Wooster)
C.G. Taylor
PLNTPTH 5120 Diseases of Ornamental Plants (Specialization) 2


Videolink TuTh 10:20AM - 11:15AM; Kottman 447 (Columbus) and Selby 213 (Wooster) F. Hand
PLNTPTH 5604 Capstone Course: Problem-Based Studies in Plant Health 2 Lecture   TuTh 2:20PM - 3:40PM; Kottman 451 (cross-listed with ENTMLGY 5604) M. Lewandowski; S. Williams
PLNTPTH 7002 Plant Disease Epidemiology 3 Lecture Videolink TuTh 11:10AM - 12:30PM; Kottman 244 (Columbus) and Fisher 121 (Wooster) L Madden
PLNTPTH 8300 Current Topics in Plant Pathology (Specialization)
Introduction to Statistical Data Analysis Using R/Rstudio, and Microsoft Excel
2 Lecture (Opiyo) Videolink To be arranged depending on student schedules S. Opiyo
  Other current topics sections may be added.          


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