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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology



Course Numbersort descending Title Unit(s) Semesters Offered
PLNTPTH 1100 Exploring Plant Pathology 0.5 AU22
PLNTPTH 2000 Molds, Mushrooms, and Mankind 3.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 2001 Sick Plants and a Hungry World 2.0 AU22, SP23
PLNTPTH 3001 General Plant Pathology Lecture 3.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 3002 General Plant Pathology Lab 2.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 3333 Field and Woodland Fungi 2.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 3920 Psychedelic Studies: Neurochemistry, Plants, Fungi, and Society 3.0 AU22, SP23
PLNTPTH 4191 Internship Experiences in Plant Health Management 2.0 SU22, AU22
PLNTPTH 4597 Contemporary Issues: Pesticides, Genetic Engineering, and the Environment 3.0 AU22, SP23
PLNTPTH 4998 Undergraduate Research variable SU22, AU22
PLNTPTH 4999 Research with Distinction variable SU22, AU22
PLNTPTH 4999H Honors Research with Distinction variable SU22, AU22
PLNTPTH 5003 Principles of Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 2.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 5004 Current Topics Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions 2.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 5005 Beneficial Plant-associated Microbiomes and Plant Pathology Research 2.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 5010 Phytobacteriology 2.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 5020 Introductory Plant Virology 2.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 5030 Plant Nematology 2.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 5040 Science of Fungi: Mycology Lecture 3.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 5041 Science of Fungi: Mycology Lab 1.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 5050 Plant Pathogenic Fungi 3.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 5060 Practical Experiences in Plant Health: Insects & Diseases of Plants 2.0
PLNTPTH 5110 Ecology and Management of Pathogens and Insects Affecting Trees in Forest and Urban Environments 3.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 5120 Diseases of Ornamental Plants 2.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 5130 Turf Diseases and Integrated Turf Health Management 4.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 5140 Diseases of Field Crops 2.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 5150 Fruit and Vegetable Diseases 2.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 5603 Plant Disease Management 3.0 SP22
PLNTPTH 5604 Capstone Course: Problem-Based Studies in Plant Health 2.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 5685 Plant Disease Diagnosis 3.0
PLNTPTH 6001 Advanced Plant Pathology 2.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 6002.01 Advanced Plant Pathology Lab - Viruses and Bacteria 1.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 6002.02 Advanced Plant Pathology Lab - Plant Pathogenic Fungi and Nematodes 1.0 SP22
PLNTPTH 6193 Individual Studies variable
PLNTPTH 7002 Plant Disease Epidemiology 3.0 SP23
PLNTPTH 7003.01 Agricultural Genomics: Principles and Applications 2.0 SP22
PLNTPTH 7004 Functional Biochemistry of Plant Defense 3.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 7300 Plant Health Management Seminar 1.0 SP22
PLNTPTH 8300 Current Topics in Plant Pathology variable
PLNTPTH 8300.01 Molecular Fungal Biology, Genetics, and Genomics 2.0
PLNTPTH 8300.02 Host Resistance: History and Future Implications for Deployment 2.0
PLNTPTH 8899 Plant Pathology Seminar 1.0 AU22
PLNTPTH 8901 Mentored Teaching in Plant Pathology variable AU22
PLNTPTH 8902 Mentored Extension/Outreach Teaching in Plant Pathology variable AU22
PLNTPTH 8999 Plant Pathology Research variable SU22, AU22