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Fungi Fun in the Classroom!

Anastasia (Asia) Tonti, Master in Plant Health Management

As a student with a horticulture and plant pathology background, Science of Fungi: Mycology (PLNTPTH 5040) was one of the most interesting and useful classes I took at OSU. We learned about the different classes of fungi in detail, and were expertly convinced that fungi are the most important organisms in the world.

People really don’t realize how many different species there are and how much they are really present in our lives. After taking this class it was a lot easier to appreciate these organisms and what they do for us (even if it’s to create jobs for us fighting against them to protect our food and trees).

We had a good group of participants, so discussions flowed well in the class. Additional interesting activities included a mushroom foray in the woods and a fungal feast at the end of the class!

I would recommend this class for anyone interested in biology in general, and ESPECIALLY plant pathology and horticulture students. This is a really hands-on class and valuable experience.

I had the honor of having Dr. Tom Mitchell as the instructor, and he is very passionate about fungi. Hopefully you will get to have a similar experience as me!