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Plant Pathology

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Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors

- Provost's Early Career Scholar's Award, Ohio State: Horacio Lopez Nicora (2022+)

- American Phytopathological Society, Award of Distinction, Larry Madden (2019)

- Distinguished Scholar, The Ohio State University
Guo-Liang Wang (2019)
Larry Madden (1991)

- Sally Miller, CFAES Distinguished Professor of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (inaugural inductee) (2019)

Joseph Rimelspach and Todd Hicks were honored with the 2019 Ohio Sports Turf Managers Association Founder’s Award, in recognition to those who have made significant contributions to STMA and the profession

- North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Educator Award
Francesca Hand (2022)
Monica Lewandowski (2021)
Thomas K. Mitchell (2015)

- CFAES Outstanding Service to Students Award
Monica Lewandowski (2017)
Mike Ellis (2014)

- Entomology outreach video award, David Showalter and Michael Falk (2014)

- OARDC Distinguished Faculty Research Award
Guo-Liang Wang (2013)

- Multidisciplinary Team Research Award - OARDC Vegetable Safety Research and Extension Program:  Sally Miller, Brian McSpadden Gardener and Feng Qu (Plant Pathology) et al. (2013) > News release

- Joseph Rimelspach and Todd Hicks, Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF) Professionals of the Year (2013)

- Joseph Rimelspach, Founders Award, Ohio Sports Turf Managers Association (2013)

- Charles Thorne Memorial Associateship Award
David Showalter (2015-2016)
Patrick W. Sherwood  (2013-2014)

- American Phytopathological Society - Schroth Faces of the Future, presenter - Jason Slot (2013)

- Multistate Research Award: Response to Emerging Soybean Rust Threat - Anne Dorrance and Soybean Rust Team (2012)

- Society of Nematology - Horacio Lopez Nicora: Graduate Student Poster Award, 1st place; first student member to serve on the Executive Board (2012-2015) and president of the SON Graduate Students Association; Graduate Student Teaching Award, North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, 2013

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science - Larry Madden (1992)

Jakob Eriksson Prize and Gold Medal, Swedish Academy of Sciences - Larry Madden (2008)

Fisher Lecturer, Rothamstad Research - Larry Madden (2008)

E.C. Stakman Award - Larry Madden (2005)

> More Awards and Honors

National Teaching Award, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) - Mike Boehm (2010)

Professional Excellence Award in Extension Education, Ohio Turfgrass Foundation - Mike Boehm

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, The Ohio State University - Mike Boehm

U.S. EPA National Award for Research on Composting, Harry Hoitink (1988) > More info (NY Times)

Society of Nematology

Fellow - Terry    L. Niblack (2012)
President - Terry L. Niblack (2004)

American Phytopathological Society (APS)

APS Presidents
Sally Miller (2016)
Mike Boehm (2013)
Steve Slack (2001)
Larry Madden (1997)
Randy Rowe (1993)

APS Fellows
Anne Dorrance (2016)

Guo-Liang Wang (2012)
Sally Miller (2010)
Mike Ellis (2004),
Larry Madden (1999)
Steve Slack (1998)

APS Distinguished Service Award - Randy Rowe (2012)

APS Fellows (retired faculty)
Randy Rowe (1995; Harry Hoitink (1992); A. F Schmitthenner (1984); Curt Leben (1981)

Treasurer - Steve Slack (2012 - current); Randy Rowe (2006-2012)

Office of Education, former directors - Thomas K. Mitchell; Monica Lewandowski

Office of International Programs, former director - Sally A. Miller

President and Charter Member - A. D. Selby (1911); third APS president, first vice-president and charter member

North Central Division, president, Distinguished Service Award - Anne Dorrance (2011-2012)

Exellence in Extension - Anne Dorrance (2010), Mike Ellis (2000)

Syngenta Award - Pierce A. Paul, Guo-Liang Wang, Larry Madden, Randy Rowe

International Service Award - Sally Miller

Hewitt Award - Pierce Paul

Ruth Allen Award - Larry Madden (2003); Harry Hoitink (1998)

Excellence in Teaching Award - Mike Boehm

CIBA-Geigy Award - Larry Madden (1989), Mike Ellis (1987)

North Central Division Distinguished Service Award, North Central Division, APS - Anne Dorrance (2012); Pat Lipps (2000); Fritz Schmitthenner (1987)

Schroth Faces of the Future, Mycology - Thomas K. Mitchell (2008)

Schroth Faces of the Future, Virology - Lucy Stewart (2010)

Virology Commitee, president - Lucy Stewart (2011)