Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors

- North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Educator Award  (2015) and George F. Plimpton Young Teacher Award
Thomas K. Mitchell (2014)

- CFAES Outstanding Service to Students Award
Mike Ellis (2014)

- Entomology outreach video award, David Showalter and Michael Falk (2014)

- OARDC Distinguished Faculty    Research Award
Guo-Liang Wang (2013)

- Multidisciplinary Team Research Award - OARDC Vegetable Safety Research and Extension Program:  Sally Miller, Brian McSpadden Gardener and Feng Qu (Plant Pathology) et al. (2013) > News release

- Joseph Rimelspach and Todd Hicks, Ohio Turfgrass Foundation (OTF) Professionals of the Year (2013)

- Joseph Rimelspach, Founders Award, Ohio Sports Turf Managers Association (2013)

- Charles Thorne Memorial Associateship Award
David Showalter (2015-2016)
Patrick W. Sherwood  (2013-2014)

- American Phytopathological Society - Schroth Faces of the Future, presenter - Jason Slot (2013)

- Multistate Research Award: Response to Emerging Soybean Rust Threat - Anne Dorrance and Soybean Rust Team (2012)

- Society of Nematology - Horacio Lopez Nicora: Graduate Student Poster Award, 1st place; first student member to serve on the Executive Board (2012-2015) and president of the SON Graduate Students Association; Graduate Student Teaching Award, North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, 2013

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science - Larry Madden (1992)

Jakob Eriksson Prize and Gold Medal, Swedish Academy of Sciences - Larry Madden (2008)

Fisher Lecturer, Rothamstad Research - Larry Madden (2008)

E.C. Stakman Award - Larry Madden (2005)

> More Awards and Honors

National Teaching Award, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) - Mike Boehm (2010)

Professional Excellence Award in Extension Education, Ohio Turfgrass Foundation - Mike Boehm

Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, The Ohio State University - Mike Boehm

Society of Nematology

Fellow - Terry    L. Niblack (2012)
President - Terry L. Niblack (2004)

American Phytopathological Society (APS)

APS Presidents
Mike Boehm (2013)
Steve Slack (2001)
Larry Madden (1997)
Randy Rowe (1993)

President-Elect - Sally Miller (2014-2015)

APS Fellows
Guo-Liang Wang (2012)
Sally Miller (2010)
Mike Ellis (2004),
Larry Madden (1999)
Steve Slack (1998)

APS Distinguished Service Award - Randy Rowe (2012)

APS Fellows (retired faculty)
Randy Rowe (1995; Harry Hoitink (1992; A. F Schmitthenner (1984; Curt Leben (1981)

Treasurer - Steve Slack (2012 - current); Randy Rowe (2006-2012)

Office of Education, director - Thomas K. Mitchell

Office of International Programs, former director - Sally A. Miller

President and Charter Member - A. D. Selby (1911); third APS president, first vice-president and charter member

North Central Division, president, Distinguished Service Award - Anne Dorrance (2011-2012)

Exellence in Extension - Anne Dorrance (2010), Mike Ellis (2000)

Syngenta Award - Guo-Liang Wang, Larry Madden, Randy Rowe

International Service Award - Sally Miller

Hewitt Award - Pierce Paul

Ruth Allen Award - Larry Madden (2003)

Excellence in Teaching Award - Mike Boehm

CIBA-Geigy Award - Larry Madden (1989), Mike Ellis (1987)

North Central Division Distinguished Service Award, North Central Division, APS - Anne Dorrance (2012); Pat Lipps (2000); Fritz Schmitthenner (1987)

Schroth Faces of the Future, Mycology - Thomas K. Mitchell (2008)

Schroth Faces of the Future, Virology - Lucy Stewart (2010)

Virology Commitee, president - Lucy Stewart (2011)