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Archived News 2011

OSU Receives $1.4 million grant for Emerald Ash Borer research

Dan Herms, Entomology; Pierluigi (Enrico) Bonello, Plant Pathology

> OSU Extension News

WaikavirusesAPSNet Feature by Lucy R. Stewart

USDA ARS and Department of Plant Pathology

> Waikaviruses: Studied But Not Understood


Sally MillerOARDC, Miller Receive $2 Million Grant To Support U.S. Greenhouse Tomato Industry

> OARDC News

Technology Offers Green Method to Tackle Disease of Cereal Crops

> OARDC News

Dec. 2011 - Congratulations, Plant Pathology graduates

Daniel J. Anco, PhD (advisors, M. Ellis and L. Madden) - Sporulation epidemiology and development of a new tool for studying Phomopsis cane and leaf spot.

Margaret Ellis, PhD (advisors, A. Dorrance and P. Paul) - The soybean seedling disease complex: Pythium spp. and Fusarium graminearum and their management and host resistance.

Melanie L. L. Ivey, PhD (advisor, S. Miller) - Assessing microbial risks and management strategies in vegetables.

Alissa Kriss, PhD (advisors, L. Madden and P. Paul) - Environmental effects on the temporal and spatial heterogeneity of Fusarium head blight of wheat.

Chan Ho Park, PhD (advisor, G-L Wang) - The role of ubiquitination in the interaction between rice and Magnaporthe oryzae.

Hehe Wang, PhD (advisor, A. Dorrance) - Identification and dissection of soybean QTL conferring resistance to Phytophthora sojae.

Timothy Frey - BS Agriculture - Plant Health Management, magna cum laude

NSF Award to Lirong Zeng at the University of Arkansas  (PhD, Ohio State) > News Release

National Emerald Ash Borer Conference in Wooster, Oct. 12-13, 2011 > More information

Ohio State Launches New Plant Sciences Center > More information

Northern Corn Leaf Blight Becoming 'Concerning' Disease Management Issue - P. Paul  > Extension News

Sclerotinia White Mold Beginning to Show Up [in Soybeans] - A. Dorrance > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-32

Late, Wet Harvest Conditions Causing Concern Over Ear Molds - P. Paul > Extension News

Abnormal Corn Ears Poster Available > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-31

Ohio Plant Biotechnology Consortium Annual Meeting Oct. 8, 2011  >

Welcome Terry Niblack, Chair of the Department of Plant Pathology > News release

> View photos from our summer orientations

Sept. 16, 2011 - OARDC To Mark Tornado Anniversary Sept. 16 with Community Recognition, New Building Dedication: Public Invited > More info

Northern Ohio Wheat Field Day Sept 7, 2011 > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-28

Wheat fungicide seed treatment - P. Paul > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-28

Sawsan farewell receptionSawsan Elateek, PhD graduate, is returning to Egypt as a lecturer at Ains Shans Univ. in Cairo.  Photos (above and below) are from a farewell gathering on July 27 in Wooster.  Sawsan earned her PhD in 2010 with advisor Sally Miller and was a post-doc for the past year in Chris Taylor's lab.

Anthracnose Alert - Joe Rimelspach > Buckeye Turf

Leaf Spot is widespread on many cool-season turfgrasses - Joe Rimelspach > Buckeye Turf

Bacterial leaf spot in tomatoes in Northeast Ohio - reported by Buckeye Yard and Garden onLine

OSU Extension fact sheet: Bacterial Spot, Speck and Canker of Tomatoes

Foliar fungicide applications have greatest chance of return when disease is present A. Dorrance > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-25

Temperatures in the 90s and Corn Diseases - P. Paul > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-24

Soybean diseases - Issues at flowering - A. Dorrance > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-24

Northern Ohio Vegetable Crops Field Night is August 3 in Fremont > More information

West Ohio Agronomy Field Day Aug. 3, Darke County Farm  > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-23

Insects, Weeds and More: Register Now for July 20 Agronomy Field Day in South Charleston> More information

Will This Be A White Mold Year? - A. Dorrance > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-23

The 2011 Wheat Scab Field Survey: Fungicide Treatment at Flowering and Variety Resistance Played a Major Role - A. Kriss, P. Paul and D. Mills > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-22

2011 Janson-Stover Travel Awards to Melanie Ivey, Amber Hoffstetter > More info

2011 C. C. Allison Awards Dan Anco and Gautam Shirsekar

Tomato Disease and Insect Pest Diagnostics Workshop, University of Ghana, June 2011

First Annual Symposium of Zamoranos in the U.S. OARDC, May 2011 > More info

Soybean Disease Update for July - A. Dorrance > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-21

07/01/2011 - Tough Year for Wheat Production - P. Paul > Extension News

Moderate levels of wheat head scab are present throughout the state - A. Kriss, P. Paul, D. Mills  > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-20

June 20 wheat scab update and grain harvesting tips - P. Paul, A. Kriss, D. Mills > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-19

Look at those stands - [soybean] seedling diseases may be an issue - A. Dorrance > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-19

Leaf Spot - Is Widespread on Many Cool Season Grasses > Buckeye Turf

Red Thread - is Active in Much of Ohio!!! > Buckeye Turf

Asian Longhorned Beetle in Ohio! > OSU Extension News > View video

Head scab is not the only cause of bleached wheat heads - P. Paul, D. Mills > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-18

Flood damaged wheat - P. Paul, D. Mills > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-17Wheat Update: Diseases and crop development as the weather changes - P. Paul, D. Mills > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-16

Congratulations Spring Graduates

Justin G. Whitehill, PhD Plant Pathology Dissertation: Investigations into mechanisms of ash resistance to the Emerald Ash Borer.  Advisor: P. Bonello.
Amber Hoffstetter, BS Agriculture - Plant Health Management magna cum laude with Research Distinction in Plant Pathology
Alyssa A. Roberts, BS Agriculture - Plant Health Management and BS Food Science, double major.
Jiye Cheng, PhD Plant Pathology
Development of metabolomics strategies for novel natural product discovery and its application on the study of soybean defense responses.  Advisor: T. Graham.

Spring Symposium 06/17/2011 > > View research proposal presentations by first year graduate students

Wheat Update: Diseases and Crop Development as the Weather Changes - P. Paul > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-16

P. Paul > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-16

More on Head Scab and Fungicides - P. Paul > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-15

Plant Sciences Banquet - Plant Pathology, Horticulture & Crop Science and Entomology
May 26, 5:00 pm.  BBQ Dinner, Kottman Hall Gazebo (outdoors) and Recognition Ceremony, Kottman Hall 103.

5/19/2011 - Red Thread and Leaf Spot are Active! - J. Rimelspach >

Q&A on Foliar Fungicides for Wheat Head Scab Suppression - P. Paul > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-14

Switching to Soybeans? Some Points to Consider - A. Dorrance and R. Mullen > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-14

Wheat Growers: Ohio State's Wheat Production Workshop is March 31 in Custar > OSU Extension News

Fungicide for Foliar Disease Control - P. Paul and D. Mills > C.O.R.N. Newsletter 2011-13

Plants Get Sick Too!

Plant Pathology students hosted over 250 students at Scarlet and Gray Ag Day, May 20

Amber Hoffstetter, Plant Health Management Honors student, was recognized as one of the 20 Outstanding Seniors by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at the CFAES Recognition Banquet at the Ohio Union on May 19.

Amber was honored for her academic achievements, student involvement and leadership during her college career.  After graduation in June, Amber will enter Ohio State's Horticulture and Crop Science MS Program to study with Clay Sneller in Wooster.

Plant Health Management major Edward Luersman participates in Alpha Zeta Partners leadership retreat > May 2011 CFAES Monthly
04/27/11 - Families of Fungicides for Turfgrass Table (updated April 2011) now posted on

04/28/2011 - OARDC Annual Research Conferece, Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, Columbus campus

Keynote speaker > Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro

Alissa Kriss (center), PhD candidate in Plant Pathology, was honored with the OARDC William E. Krauss Director's Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies for the best paper by a doctoral student in 2010 for the publication, Relationship between Yearly Fluctuations in Fusarium Head Blight Intensity and Environmental Variables: A Window-Pane Analysis (2010 Phytopathology 110:784-797) by Kriss, Pierce A. Paul (right), and Laurence V. Madden.

Madden and Paul are Kriss' advisors.  Kriss received a $1000 award and Kriss, Paul and Madden were each presented with a framed copy of the publication. > News release

Sourav Chakraborty was awarded third place in the OARDC poster competition (post-doctoral category) for his poster presentation, "Detection of methyl jasmonate in ash phloem extracts: A simplified gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS) approach."  Co-authors Alifia Mechant, Justin Whitehill, Shane Whitacre and Pierluigi Bonello.

> More information

Photos of presenters at the OARDC Conference

Near left: Chuxue Cao presented "Characterizing the effects of genotype, environment, and their interactions on tomato fruit shape."  PhD advisor: Brian McSapdden Gardener.

Right, Jasleen Singh presented "Plant RNA silencing and anti-viral defense: Molecular negotiations between the key players."  MS advisor: Feng Qu.

Above left: Junyan Lin with her poster, "Nonhost resistance to bean pod mottle virus (BPMV) infection conferred by selective inhibition of the replication of BPMV genomic RNA2 in Nicotiana benthamiana."  PhD advisor: Feng Qu.

Right: Sunjeong Park, postdoctoral researcher with Brian McSpadden Gardener, presented "Plant growth promotion by symbiotic alga and bacteria inoculants."

Near left: Xiaoqing Rong at her poster, "In silico variation ini prokaryotic genomes generated by assembly and annotation software modifications."  PhD advisor: Brian McSpadden Gardener.

Right: Spencer Debenport with his research, "Investigating fungal community composition in the tomato phyllosphere."  PhD advisor: Brian McSpadden Gardener.

Plant Pathology alumnus Adipala Ekwamu (PhD 1992) was named one of 100 BUCKEYES You Should Know by The Ohio State University Alumni Association > View Ekwamu's profile

4/11/2011 - Above left, Amber Hofstetter won 2nd place in the Plant and Environmental Sciences category at the 8th Annual CFAES Undergraduate Research Forum for research, "Managing Gray Mold on Geraniums with Biological Fungicides." Her advisors are Thomas K. Mitchell and Dennis Lewandowski (photo, center).

Alifia Merchant (right) also presented her research, "Quantification of an Externally Applied Plant Hormone, Methyl Jasmonate, in Species of Ash Trees (Fraxinus Spp.).  Pierluigi Bonello, Sourav Chakraborty, Justin Whitehill and Shane Whitacre are co-authors.  The forum was held on the Columbus campus.

 04/06/2011 - Parwinder Grewal honored with Distinguished Scholar Award > More news

Four plant pathology students were inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta, an honorary society of agriculture, at their Annual Initiation and Awards Program on April 5 at the Ohio State Columbus campus.

Photo above, left to right: Chan Ho Park, PhD candidate (Guo-Liang Wang, advisor); Amber Hoffstetter, Plant Health Management honors student (Dennis Lewandowski, honors thesis advisor and Thomas K. Mitchell, academic advisor); Jiye Cheng, PhD candidate (Terry Graham, advisor) and Alissa B. Kriss, PhD candidate (Larry Madden and Pierce Paul, advisors).

Andika Gunadi, MS student in Plant Pathology, was awarded a $5000 graduate scholarship from the Ohio Soybean Council Foundation for the 2011-2012 academic year.  Gunadi, whose advisor is Anne E. Dorrance, earned a BS in Biochemistry from Ohio State.  He entered the graduate program in 2010 and is working on the project, "Linkage Analysis and Sequence Characterization of Rps8 and Rps3 Resistance Genes in Soybean Chromosome 13."  OSCF scholarships are awarded competitively based on merit to students enrolled at Ohio universities engaged in soybean research.  Previous scholarship awardees from Dorrance's program include Hehe Wang (2010-2011) and Margaret L. Ellis (2009-2010).

Congratulations Winter 2011 Graduates

Oscar Burbano Figueroa, MS (advisor, T. Mitchell)

Kate Gearhart, MS (advisor, A. Dorrance)

Kriss and AncoCongratulations to Edward Luersman, Plant Health Management freshman, selected for Alpha Zeta Partners, a professional agriculture and natural resources honorary organizaton.  As part of Class 13, Eddie will participate in leadership programs and a study abroad experience in Brazil.

PhD candidates Dan Anco (right) and Alissa Kriss were chosen to present their research at the 2011 Melhus Graduate Student Symposium, "Today's Students Making a Difference in the Field of Plant Disease Epidemiology and Disease Management," at the American Phytopathological Society Annual Meeting, Aug. 6-10, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

01/21/2011 - Sally Miller Receive $2 Million Grant to Support Growing U.S. Greenhouse Tomato Industry > OARDC News

02/24/11 - Ash Killer Spreading: Here's How to Know What To Do > OSU Extension News

Feb. 25, 2011 - Soybean School > OSU Extension News

Feb. 24-25, 2011 - Learn Online First Detector Training at Conservation Tillage Conference, Ada, Ohio > OSU Extension News

Feb. 19-20, 2011 - Ohio Organic Farming Conference, Granville, Ohio > OSU Extension News

Feb. 3, 2011 - Tri-State Green Industry Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio > More information

Feb. 28, 2011 - See Winter's, Tornado's Effects on Arboretum

Winter Walk, Secrest Arboretum, Wooster > More information

January 18-20, 2010 - Ohio Produce Marketers and Growers Association (OPMGA) Congress, Sandusky, Ohio > More

Jan. 23-26, 2011 - OSU Nursery Short Course/CENTS > OSU Extension News

01/11/2011 - Get Your Field Crops Tips for 2011 from Ohio State Jan. 27 in Archbold (NW Ohio) > OSU Extension News

01/04/11 - Focus on Food Safety, Current Issues at OPGMA Congress, Jan. 17-19 > OSU Extension News