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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Archive 2013

Autumn 2013

Aug. 26
Kathryn Corl, Coordinator of OSU's Committee on Academic Misconduct, Ohio State

Sept. 2
Labor Day (no classes, university offices closed)

Sept. 9
Monica Lewandowski and Mike Ellis, Grad Studies Committee
For Grad Students: Deadlines, Forms and Other Surprisingly Useful Things to Know

Sept. 16
Gautam Shirsekar, PhD candidate, Plant Pathology, Ohio State
Exit Seminar: The Fungal Effector AvrPiz-t Manipulates Rice Immune Responses by Interfering with Ubiquitination

Sept. 23
Peter Piermarini, Assistant Professor, Entomology, Ohio State
The molecular mechanisms of "kidney" functions in mosquitoes: Towards novel vector control strategies

Sept. 30
David Bisaro, Professor, Molecular Genetics, Ohio State

Oct. 7
Kelsey Andersen, MS student, Plant Pathology, Ohio State
Exit Seminar: Influence of rainfall patterns on the development of Fusarium head blight, accumulation of deoxynivalenol, and fungicide efficacy

Oct. 14
Daisy D'Angelo, MS candidate, Plant Pathology, Ohio State
Exit Seminar: Effect of Fungicide Chemistry and Application Timing on Fusarium Head Blight and Deoxynivalenol in Soft Red Winter Wheat

Oct. 21
Biao Ding, Professor, Molecular Genetics, Ohio State
Viroid infection: a unique model to probe common infection mechanisms

Oct. 28
Erich Grotewold, Director, Center for Applied Plant Sciences (CAPS) and Director, Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center, Ohio State

Nov. 4 Cancelled
Michael Goodin, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
"Waiter! There's a virus in my coffee . . ." and other tales about plant negative-strand RNA viruses

Nov. 11 - Veterans Day Holiday (no classes, university offices closed)

Nov. 18
Jonathan Gershenzon, Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Germany
Conifers, fungi and bark beetles: Chemical warfare among three kingdoms of life

Nov. 25
Ashlina Chin, MS student, Plant Pathology, Ohio State
Evaulation of the retention of human pathogenic Caliciviruses on leafy greens weakened by phytopathogens

Dec. 2
Godwill Chewachong, PhD candidate, Plant Pathology, Ohio State
Attenuation of Pepino mosaic virus through rational design

 Spring 2013

Jan. 8
Liza Comita, Assistant Professor, Evoluation, Ecology and Organismal Biology, Ohio State
Plant pests and the maintenance of diversity in tropical forests.

Jan. 15
David Showalter, PhD student, Plant Pathology, Ohio State
Anatomy and Chemistry of Wound Response in Woody Plants and Roles in Plant Defense

Jan. 22
Xiaoqing Rong, PhD candidate, Plant Pathology, Ohio State
Characterization and field detection of Cryptococcus flavescens strains, biocontrol agents against Fusarium head blight of wheat

Jan. 29
Steve Seybold, Research Entomologist, US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station
Thousand Cankers Disease and Walnut Twig Beetle:  A Threat to Walnut Trees that Simply Won't be Ignored

Feb. 5
Diane Plewa, PhD student, and Bhupendra Acharya, MS student, Plant Pathology (Advisor: A. Dorrance)

Feb. 12
Postponed.  Jinnan Hu, PhD candidate.

Feb. 19
Jorge David Salgado, PhD candidate. Climate Change: Potential Impact on Plant Pathology and Food Security - Review and Research proposal (Advisor: P. Paul)

Feb. 26
Exploring genome structure and gene regulation related to virulence in fungal phytopathogens using Next Generation Sequencing techniques.  Jinnan Hu, PhD candidate.

March 5
Chenxi Chen, PhD candidate, Plant Pathology Exit Seminar. Revealing pathogenicity in fungal pathogens incorporating next generation sequencing approach.  (Advisor: T.K. Mitchell)

March 12 - no seminar, Spring Break

March 19
Patrick Sherwood, PhD candidate.  Investigation of the Growth-Differentiation Balance and Systemic Induced Resistance Hypotheses in Austrian Pine. (Advisor: P. Bonello)

March 26
Chun Liang, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, Miami University, Ohio

April 2 - no seminar

April 9
Junyan Lin, PhD candidate, Plant Pathology, Ohio State.  PhD Exit Seminar
Nonhost resistance to Bean pod mottle virus in Nicotiana benthamiana.

April 16
Allison Snow, Professor, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology, Ohio State