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Above left to right: Kirk Broders, Christian Cruz, Angel Rebollar Alviter; Chris Wallis; Scott Adkins with daughter Madison.

Sunday - Above left to right: Broders and Anne Dorrance; Matthew Krause; Fulya Basel-Gurel and husband Ciem with their future plant pathologist!

Sunday - Above, left photo Jan Leach (left) and Melanie Ivey at the APS Public Policy Board booth.  Right photo, Monica Lewandowski "becomes engaged" by writing to her congressman in support of agriculture funding.

Tuesday - Video Awards at the Grad Student Social
Left photo: the Plant Pathology Graduate Students Association accepted the first place certificate and $500 for the APS video contest, presented by Alissa Kriss, Office of Public Relations and Outreach board member.  Pictured, left to right, Ellie Walsh, Jorge David Salgado, Kriss, Brittany Nauth and Kelsey Andersen.  Right photo: the Plant Health And Resource Management Forum, the undergraduate student organization in Plant Pathology, was awarded runner-up and $500 for their video contest entry. > View both entries

Tuesday - left photo, Mizuho Nita (center) and Alissa Kriss.  Right photo: the plenary session was centered on "Communicating Science."  At the session, Sally Miller (shown) was selected to share with the audience a story about her "favorite picture" which illustrated how her work in educating farmers in Bangladesh enabled one farmer to build a house for his family.  This was an example how scientists can use emotion and stories to convey the importance of our work to the public.