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Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology


Spring Symposium, First-Yr Graduate Student Proposals

May 6, 2015, 10:00am - 3:10pm

Kottman 244 (Columbus), videolinked to Fisher 121 (Wooster) >Schedule (pdf)

May 6: 10-10:10 Welcome

Mynul Islam (PhD, advisor SA Miller)
Diversity of Sclerotinia sclerotorium isolates collected from Bangladesh and Ohio, USA and integrated management of white mold of oil-seed mustard

Loic Deblais (PhD, co-advisor G. Rajashekara and SA Miller)
A monster hidden inside a beauty

Ferdous E-Elahi (PhD, advisor SA Miller)
Identification of the causal agent and management of soft rot of potato

Cassidy Gedling (MS, advisor AE Dorrance)
Identification of candidate genes and resistance towards Fusarium graminearum in soybean

Meredith Eyre (MS, advisor AE Dorrance)
Pathogen response to altering levels of soil fertility in soybean fields across Ohio

Krystel Navarro (PhD, advisor CG Taylor)
Examining the use of Harpin proteins for control of plant-parasitic nematodes

Qin (Clare) Guo (PhD, advisor Feng Qu)
Investigation of potential interactions between RNA viruses and retrotransposons

Da-young Lee (PhD, advisor G-L Wang)
Molecular breeding of novel resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae using the CRISPR/Cas9 technology in rice

Emile Gluck Thaler (PhD, advisor J Slot)
The evolution of metabolic counter-resistance in plant pathogenic fungi

Bryan Cottrell (PhD, advisor J Slot)
Comparative genomics of three chromatcally distinct Botryts cinerea isolates