Research: Publications

2014: Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Bold = Department of Plant Pathology

Andersen, KF, Morris L, Derksen RC, Madden LV, Paul PA. 2014. Rainfastness of Prothioconazole + Tebuconazole for Fusarium Head Blight and Deoxynivalenol Management in Soft Red Winter Wheat. Plant Disease 98:1398-1406

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Chakraborty S, Whitehill JG, Hill AL, Opiyo SO, Cipollini D, Herms DA, Bonello P.  2014. Effects of Water Availability on Emerald Ash Borer Larval Performance and Phloem Phenolics of Manchurian and Black. Plant, Cell and Environment 37:1009–1021.

D'Angelo, Daisy, Bradley CA, Ames KA, Willyerd KT, Madden LV, and Paul PA. 2014. Efficacy of Fungicide Applications During and After Anthesis Against Fusarium Head Blight and Deoxynivalenol in Soft Red Winter Wheat. Plant Disease 98: 1387-1397 (pdf)

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Lin, J, Guo, J, Finer, J, Dorrance, A, Redinbaugh, M, and Qu, F.  2014. The bean pod mottle virus RNA2-encoded 58K protein is required in cis for RNA2 accumulation. Journal of Virology (In Press).

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Summers, C.F., Park, S., Dunn, A.R., Rong, X., Everts, K.L, Meyer, S.L.F., Rupprecht, S.M., Kleinhenz, M.D., McSpadden Gardener, B., and Smart, C.D. 2014. Single season effects of mixed-species cover crops on tomato health in multi-state (organic) field trials. Applied Soil Ecology 77:51-58.

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