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Will It Live or Die? Researchers Develop Biomarkers to Manage Impact of Sudden Oak Death

Ohio State University researchers have developed a way to predict the resistance or susceptibility of trees to sudden oak death disease, providing forest managers with the first effective method to manage trees in infested natural areas and in adjoining areas where the disease is expected in the future.
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New Developments in the World of Soybean Pathology

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New Publication

Chakraborty S, Whitehill JG, Hill AL, Opiyo SO, Cipollini D, Herms DA, Bonello P. Effects of Water Availability on Emerald Ash Borer Larval Performance and Phloem Phenolics of Manchurian and Black. Plant, Cell and Environment 37:1009–1021

CFAES students in Senegal

CFAES on Sustainability - Spencer Debenport
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Master in Plant Health Management
New Publication is Phytopathology Editor's Pick

Xiangming Xu, Laurence V. Madden, and Simon G. Edwards. 2014. Modeling the Effects of Environmental Conditions on HT2 and T2 Toxin Accumulation in Field Oat Grains. Phytopathology 104: 57-66 > View online

New Publication

Greene GH, McGary KL, Rokas AR, Slot JC.  2014. Ecology drives the distribution of specialized tyrosine modules in fungi. Genome Biology and Evolution. online January 2, 2014 doi:10.1093/gbe/evt208

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