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WOOSTER, Ohio — A wheat expert from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University has created a series of YouTube videos that demonstrate how growers can identify the various growth stages of wheat crops.

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Columbus Dispatch - July 5, 2015 - As rain continues to fall across central Ohio, wet and weary residents likely have noticed something growing in the tall grass in their yards. Mushrooms are popping up everywhere — under backyard decks, on tree trunks, along curbs. You might see patches of them or just a solo cap. Where do they come from? You’ve got to dig deep for the answer. They lurk there underground, just below the surface, waiting for the right conditions to sprout.

June 19, 2015 edition of "Turf Tips." Rain, rain go away! Most of Ohio has received steady rainfall and high temps . . .which Todd Hicks and Joe Rimelspach love to see, but not most turfgrass managers! Take a look at this week's Turf Tips video to learn about what Todd and Joe are hearing and seeing and get some tips to persevere. Looking for more turfgrass disease information?

by Madeline Fisher in CSA News.  Before Fernando Miguez began running experiments as a University of Illinois master’s student, like any good scientist he dove first into the research literature. His subject was the effect of winter cover crops on summer corn yields, and by the time Miguez entered grad school, a healthy body of work already existed. So, he sat down to review a stack of studies, thinking, naturally enough, that he’d soon hit upon a knowledge gap to target in his trials.

Current search in progress > Fruit Crop Pathologist, Assistant Professor, tenure-track, 9-month appointment 10% teaching, 40% research, 50% extension, to be located in the Department of Plant Pathology, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Wooster > plantpath.osu.edu/search

Saturday, May  2,  2015
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: Fisher Auditorium, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, 1680 Madison Ave., Wooster OH  44691

The Plant Pathology Graduate Students are selling tomato plant seedlings (herloom and disease-resistant varieties) and herbs for your garden.  They will also present information about local vegetable diseases, how to approach disease management in their garden and answer questions.  There will be posters and handouts available. Proceeds support professional development and travel. 

Plant list:

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